I wanted outfits so I ran 1,000 events. Spoiler: No outfits dropped. Got plenty of data though.

fallout 8 - I wanted outfits so I ran 1,000 events. Spoiler: No outfits dropped. Got plenty of data though.

Disclaimer: This is not a complaint post. Its a summary of 1k events run (sans Fasnacht and Encryptid) to get the BOS Jumpsuit and other outfits. Includes a spreadsheet with a rollup of success & failure, cap rewards, details per event and select legendaries. Also includes editorial, suggestions and lessons learned.

Disclaimer 2: I am not a data scientist; this "analysis" is somewhat better than a monkey with a keyboard, but not by much.

TLDR: 1000 events, 0 outfits. I learned stuff and wrote a lot of words.

pubhtml?gid=1930573590&single=true - I wanted outfits so I ran 1,000 events. Spoiler: No outfits dropped. Got plenty of data though.


Simple graphs and pics

Just the Facts

Date range: 3/8 – 4/12

# Events: 1,000 (avg 25 per day)

# Successful Events: 816 or 82%

# Failed Events (bugs, arriving too late etc.,.): 184 or 18%

Top 3 Failed Events: Horde (89), The Messenger (37), It's a Trap (8)

# of outfits: 0

Caps spent (FT): 13,844

Caps gained (rewards only, gross): 33,331

Net caps: 19,487

Avg caps per event (gross): 33

Avg caps per event (net): 19


How this started

Needed a break from farming the 3W's and SBQ. Not into CAMP design. Distilling had no appeal and Survival Mode less. Challenges became an Alcoholism Simulator game. The rest of the roadmap looks promising once we get past the liver damage and fighting. Til then I needed something to do.

A Note on Caps

I saved on FT by using my CAMP (somewhat center of the map) and Vault 76 most of the time. Exceptions were events in progress (meaning a player icon was nearby), horde events, It's a Trap, Manhunt and Fly Swatter given all of those start as a race against time. I occasionally paid full price out of annoyance but that was rare.

Event Benefits

Outfits. FOTM Meta Weapon rare, only more rare. No cumulative increases, no rep systems to grind out, its just you staring into the RNG abyss. Other benefits: A surplus of water, chems and junk. Places you haven't seen, which is great for photos or finding a new CAMP spot. You also eek out a modest profit at significant opportunity cost.

The Other Other Benefit: Legendaries. Not the trash, I mean top shelf. Ok second shelf from the top. Alright, alright, I mean the shelf one up from the bottom sometimes.

Spreadsheet has drops that are useful, interesting and token vendor/alt fodder. You'll be shocked to learn none of it is meta. No time for a spreadsheet? K. Closest to meta was a lvl 50 3* AA Radium Rifle. Took me right back to 5th grade when I thought my crush would kiss me. She got close and kicked me in the balls instead. Thanks Kristin.

To be fair

1k events, 0 outfits. Hopeless, right? Not really. Others have the rarest of outfits, and some have reported averaging multiples per week. I've had 3 drops in the ~ 750 hours before I started this 1k run: Camo Jumpsuit, Responder Helmet and what looks like a clean version of the cop hat. Jumpsuit is fine but I didn't want the other two. So uh, thanks RNG.

Improvement Suggestions – TLDR

Fix the bugs, add timers and progress on map, solve participation via improved cap and item rewards, up the outfit drop rates a lil bit, add 2-3 lvl 50 events and put some fun back into it. As of last patch it looks like BGS has been working on these a bit, so that's good news. Outfit drop rates are the same afaik.

Improvement Suggestions – Not TLDR

18% of events fail due to arriving too late or bugs (pathing and other issues). Spreadsheet has notes for every failure. This needs fixin'.

Cap rewards need a re-thinkin'. Manhunt – low level and one of the shortest – rewards 120 caps*, the highest I've seen. Messenger pays out 50-100, the variance explained by reasons. Uranium Fever is 40 but sometimes it's 30. Suggestion: Link cap rewards to player level and time + effort. If that's too much of a load on servers or whatever, bump up the high level payouts and level out the low while making the amounts consistent.

Rewards need improvement as the occasional 1* legendary is a disincentive (more efficient to drop than sell). Consider upping 2-3* item reward drop rates. Bonus points if the wep probability is weighted to the player's basic build type, melee or ranged.

Speaking of rewards. Bring the carrot used for Survival (weekly legendaries) to Adventure and tie it to Events. You can prop up Survival by adding unique content there (KoTH, CTF etc – a real reason for seasons and leaderboards). Add a matchmaking and team system and bam, problem solved – it might even show a pop increase due to competition vs FFA pew pew.

Outfits. Up the drop rate a smidge. Hamsters get tired, and someday they have to get the cheese. Make it a real someday.

Increase the frequency of non-Workshop and non-newbie events. If AWOL, Heart, Violent Night, Its a Trap, Fly Swatter and Meditation popped like Workshops & Fertile Soil I'd be like a pig in .. uh. Let's go with happy.

Outside of SBQ there are 2 lvl 50 events that have a good chance to drop legendaries: AWOL and Encryptid. AWOL = good but infrequent. Encryptid = less good given the 2k fee. Add more like AWOL and maybe more like Encryptid but minus the cost. There are other ways to implement cap sinks (faction rep and items, for example).

Put the neat-o factor back in events. People have suggested server-wide benefits ala the Canned Meat Stew the harmless benefit Feed the People used to give. I won't rehash why removing it was good in theory but bad in practice, and it doesn't matter, does it? Fun police said no. Put something else in. Don't call it a bug this time.

Note to BGS: If your first step is to nerf Manhunt's payout then this post is detrimental to the game; cap rewards are very low as-is. Please avoid tactical nerfs.*

Events I like

Shorter the better: Grafton Day, Fertile Soil, Manhunt, Fly Swatter, Its a Trap, AWOL, Heart of The Swamp, Collision Course, Breach & Clear, Protest March, Irrational Fear, (deep breath), Uranium Fever, Back on The Beat, Census Violence, Guided Meditation, Jail Break.

Enclave events like Bots on Parade are fine but only drop Asylum outfits (or so I've heard, never got an outfit from these). The Cranberry BoP has a good chance to spawn a legendary mutant.

Events I like… less


Swarm of Suitors. Event is broken. Contrary to event directions at least one mob must reach the island. Doing so will spawn a Mirelurk Queen; take it down and you "should" get rewards. This sorta works and I got the Mentats recipe which I didn't need. No caps and nothing else. Update: Event is "fixed" after the latest patch: stop the mobs and the event completes however no cap reward is given.

Jail Break. Frequency was nerfed into the ground but the real concern is time. Clocks in at 15-20 mins depending on which route the guard takes. No like.

Feed the People. New name proposed: A Lingering Grudge, in honor of all who lost gear there before the patch. Alternative: Still Salty. Because I am.

Distinguished Guests. Odd combination of frantic and tedious. Repair that bot! Need more place settings! Timer going down! Repair that bot! Place setting's bugged, find another! Path to Enlightenment is it's twin and somewhat less tedious (no repairing, but have fun collecting 50 whatevers). Both feature picking up items weighing 1lb each. BGS: Eh, some of us are not melee or PA builds. 1lb no bueno.

Surface to Air. Lets make a deal, BGS: I'll keep my stims, cures, ammo and item condition. You keep your SB leather, liver and a random wep I crafted sometime in December. StA's twin is Line in The Sand. Did you know players can destroy the turrets? I didn't, but they can as one person repeatedly demonstrated as I repaired it. Mayhaps that should be fixed. The turret destruction, I mean.

Powering Up (insert name here). Did this twice shortly after launch. Still traumatized by the time investment relative to rewards I didn't get.

Defend (insert name here). You get plans which is great at first. And then you get duplicate plans. And more duplicate plans and you realize, wait, I've warped to SBQ, haven't I? And then you wonder why you don't get caps or anything interesting and stop doing them.

Dogwood Die Off. Do you carry fertilizer? I don't either. There's some nearby but I never found enough.

Monster Mash. The shrieking puts me off. Some people like it. Some people like pineapple pizza. Your hoarder cousin comes to mind.

Lessons learned

Other Players –

The majority are considerate and there for loot and xp, just like you. A few are one shot wonders who seem to be playing single player FO4. And there are rare exceptions like the guy who one shotted most of the mobs, both the legendaries and Nightstalker at One Violent Night, then emoted. That was PVP bait (avoided) and he got the honor of being the 2nd player I've blocked in 800-odd hours.

Events that don't trigger –

The event start notification does not appear. You can usually solve this by opening the map and clicking on the event marker to 'travel' there again (reloading). Sometimes this does nothing, YMMV.

Sons of Dane –

The SoD automated alert is the 'event is live' notification. I had prevously ignored it with all the other notifications.

Clear mobs around the party building. If not there's a chance they'll aggro your adds and the Nightstalker. And there's a chance TNS will get backed into a corner of a trailer, outside of the quest area and LOS, forcing you to fail the quest when trying to complete it. Ask me how I know.

Clear mobs or not but stay in the building when its music time. Some of you camp outside and everyone has to join your mess. I assume you're new or 8 years old when I see this.

Guided Meditation –

You get a buff when the event starts: Zen Mastery Lvl 4. I've seen it expressed 2 ways: HEALTH REGEN +4 and HEALTH REGEN +<1. Duration is 30 mins.

Heart of The Swamp –

Recon scope is very helpful at HOTS, because its difficult to find your loot in the swamp. Oh, you're melee or your ranged wep can't use a recon scope? Tough luck, and I leave most of the loot behind for this reason.

This event bugs out sometimes. HOTS will spawn 1-2 waves of mobs then disappear. The event icon moves to Savage Divide, just south of White Powder Winter Sports. Its over when this happens; you can travel to the SD spot but nothing will be there. FWIW I've heard the workaround is to go slow on dps, but that didn't work for me.

It's a Trap (Cranberry, by NAR Repair Yard) –

Sometimes the SB spawns in the trainyard a good distance away.. and sits there. You can pew pew but don't kill it, the event will fail to recognize its done. Let the SB run, fly or teleport to the lure. Might take a few minutes. Now take 'er down to zero. Win.

The Messenger –

Sometimes TM will get his pathing unstuck by time (~ 2-5 mins of standing around, then he moves again). Most often he's waiting for mobs to spawn or there is a mob(s) hidden somewhere close. The rest of the time there's nothing to be done, he's just bugged.

If TM goes over lava (Ash Heap) his health will go to zero and down he goes. Regens a sliver of health and pops up, then the lava takes it to zero and back down. If you see this happen just leave. He ain't getting out of that.

Sometimes when he's set on fire or just damaged TM will travel ve.r.y slo.w.l.y. No bueno when the countdown combines with his penchant to stop moving.

Useless trivia. The whirlygig used to start the quest has 5 names: Signal Resistor, Stabilizer Coil, Memory Transistor, Navigation Capacitor, Positioning Sensor.

Uranium Fever

Taking down mole miners the instant they spawn is pretty common. Just as common is being unable to loot them due to the dirt pile being taller than the meat pile. BGS will fix that one day, til then let them move a little bit before the pew pew.

Horde Events –

There are 2 flavors. Maybe BGS changed it because all I see now is # 2 –

  1. Multiple event markers to search leading to the boss. If someone else finds it first, you lose – quest completes but you get no rewards. Not a good system given wasted FT costs and time, and it applies to both flavors of this event.
  2. One event marker. No event text in the upper right, there will or won't be compass markers, there will or won't be mobs in the area. Sometimes they're standing 100m away and not visible due to landscape. Other times a few are there but the boss won't spawn for a min, or is in a separate group (same mob type) further away. And the final scenario: no alpha which usually means another player, mobs, CAMP defenses took it out or b) the alpha moved while you were zoning in.

Edit: Silver Award, thank you sir or ma'am. Kind of you.

Another edit: Formatting issues.

The end. Fini.

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