I wanted to brag to someone about killing my first Sheepsquatch, but my girlfriend, friends, and family don’t care.

fallout 8 - I wanted to brag to someone about killing my first Sheepsquatch, but my girlfriend, friends, and family don't care.

So there I was, with my C.A.M.P. just west of Abandoned Mine Shaft #2 next to the swimming hole. I was out farming mole miner's to get black titanium to complete my excavator power armor for the Miner Miracle quest. I had just gotten my first useful mutation, marsupial. As I was coming into Welch from the east I saw super mutants near the house where Overseer's Log #5 is. I took a few pot shots with my level 20 or less hardened sniper rifle then my butt puckered and I saw an Alpha Deathclaw, so I ran. Once I got far enough away I thought, "Hey! Maybe with marsupial I can get on a roof and kill me one-a-them-there-sumbitches."

I turn around and head back. The alpha deathclaw was gone! I hoped up onto the roof of the Welch train station and started shooting. I killed all of the mole miners and super mutants, maybe 15-20 in all. As I'm looting the dead (spits to the side "puh-toowee") I end heading back towards C.A.M.P. and arrive back at the house with Overseer's Log #5. As I approach, I notice a few super mutants I missed and then I look up the hill towards the west and my butt puckers again. I see what looks like a deathclaw with a bright green aura. I sneak/run around to the back of the house and jump on the roof of the truck there. I then hop from the truck to the roof of the house. Then, I start praying. To whom you ask? All of them. God, Jesus, Yahweh, Mohammed, Odin, the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You name it, I prayed. I took a few pot shots at the super mutants so I would get the XP when the… wait… it isn't a deathclaw. It's a LEVEL 50 LEGENDARY SHEEPSQUATCH! So then again, I pray. I also pee a little. Not, too much, but just a little. Enough to where the warm wetness brings me back to a functioning panic.

The sheepsquatch tears apart the poor helpless super mutants. I honestly felt bad for them. Well, not really, but it was pitiful. The sheepsquatch knows I'm there. When I crouch, the sign reminds me that one bad step and I'm doomed.


The sheepsquatch comes over to the house now that the super mutants have been diced and minced. Praise whomever answered my prayers! The sheep squatch can't get me. I get hit by something. I look up to see if another player or another creature was firing at me, then I turn around in a panic to see if something was up there with me. I was safe, so what was hitting me?! It was the sheepsquatch throwing quills. At this point, allow me to break in the story and tell you that I'm only level 28, and it's my first character in Fallout 76. I have hundreds of hours on Fallout 1, 2, 3, New Vegas, and 4 so I understand the game mechanics a bit. In my tattered dress and tinfoil hat and high heels (cross dressing in Fallout 76 makes me laugh, my armor was covered by the dress), it does only a few points of damage to me. I look at my ammo count, I'm over roughly 300 rounds of .308 and 200 shotgun shells. My first shot into the head of the sheepsquatch, 33 damage. Oh god I hope I don't run out of ammo and waste several hundred rounds. After 50-70 shots I start feeling cocky. I'm going to kill this sumabitch! Then it dawns on me. "Pardner, you got a long way to go." It mutates and there it goes. That red bar that I was working on goes all the way back to full health. So there I sit. Bang, click-click, bang, click-click, bang, click-click, bang, click-click, bang, click-click, bang, click-click, reload. It takes well over 100 rounds and two stimpacks to put the sheepsquatch down but I did it. "HAIL TO THE CHIEF BABY!"

I jump down from the roof triumphantly and loot the dead sumabitch!

I then exit the game, grab my laptop, and get right on Reddit because no one in my life gives a crap about this nearly as much as I do. Except maybe someone on reddit! HA HA! I did take a picture in photomode, but I was too excited to post this so I haven't figured out how to get the pictures to the interwebs to ALSO use that to brag.

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