I was saved by a queen!

fallout 8 - I was saved by a queen!

This game has reached a new level of excitement for me. I was doing a mission in Watoga and the building I was in was stock full of ultracite, but the kind that's outside of containers so basically "first come first served". Anyways, I cleared out the whole place, got like 12 scraps, and these two high level players come into the building. There's no way they were doing the same quests since they were like level 90 and 140. I put pieces together that they were there for the ultracite, they had their area chat on and we're audibly pissed when they noticed the place had been cleared out by yours truly.

I was sneaking around the whole building because I didn't want anyone to see me on the map and plus my sneak damage can usually one or two shot legendaries, which were abundant in this building as well.

One of the guys sees me at the last moment making a dash out of the place after I was done. Luckily I wasn't over encumbered. I think he finally put 2 and 2 together and realized I'm the guy who took their spoils, and began berating and harassing me, talking mad shit and following me, calling me his spiritual guide and getting too close for comfort. I know that if I got wrecked either by them or a legendary, all the junk and scrap I collected would be theirs for the taking so I decided to make a run for it.

All I needed to do was find a clearing to fast travel to my camp, get away from them and store my junk. "Too many enemies nearby."


"Oh no, you can't run away from us" the leader smirks, and begins chase. I have the extra movement speed perk card so I can outrun them as long as my AP holds out, but having dysentery doesn't help and my thirst level is dropping. I needed a plan.

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I quickly decide to take to the railroad tracks, straight shot until I hit the second building, cut a left, then sneak and activate the stealth boy. (Looking back, I could have just gone to the train station and dropped my stuff off there, but in the heat of the moment, my thought process was not clear.) I just needed to get out of sight. I did not want to lose all that ultracite.

Luckily, I did not need to do that. As I was running on the tracks, a legendary mirelurk queen spawned right in front of me. It paid me no mind and went directly for the guys behind me. I zoomed past and cut, through the forest, but I just kept going. Eventually I stopped and checked the map. They were still in that spot with the queen. I found my clearing and got to my camp to unload my junk, dodging a bullet.

This was the first time I've encountered players who were less than friendly. It was exhilarating and exhausting, and can't wait to do it again!

TL;DR: collected lots of ultracite during mission. High level players pissed I cleared out building before they could. Followed me, harassed me and chased me. Ran away, mirelurk queen spawns and distracts guys while I made my getaway. 5/7 would do again.

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