I was walking along, minding my business.. When I got a team invitation.

fallout 2 - I was walking along, minding my business.. When I got a team invitation.

So I got a team invitation from somebody halfway across the map, thought they might be wanting a free fast travel, so I accepted. Waited a few minutes and realised they were still at their camp after checking the map, so I headed over to the golf course to say hi to my new teammates.

I was greeted by a odd looking base, and my new friend doing the ‘trade’ emote at me, obliging I walked up his stairs to start a trade. He only went and removed the floor from underneath me! I fell into a pit of punji (nail) boards with an armada of turrets facing me – before I could jet pack out the floor (now roof) was replaced.


Another member of the team ran into the base and shot me, causing the turrets to start shooting. I checked my inventory and I wasn’t carrying any junk but didn’t want the shame of being baited by these guys. I pulled out my explosive two shot handmade and proceeded to destroy the turrets, the walls and the guys who trapped me.

Once I escaped the pit I proceeded to destroy the entire trap base, leaving only the roof and foundations (well worth the 300 something cap bounty). After firing off a few emotes to the now respawned aggressors they all decided to leave the server – humiliated hopefully!

Be wary entering strangers houses folks!

TL;DR – Some guys tried to trap me so I destroyed them and their base.

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