I was wrong about the new survival mode. It’s a blast to play alone!

fallout 2 - I was wrong about the new survival mode. It's a blast to play alone!

I think the PVP aspect makes the game way more exciting. I find myself more interested in the sounds around me, when I'm in a big city I'm always cautious moving from cover to cover. Is that a guy in power armor I just heard walking around or a super Mutant? Can I take this horde on quickly and efficiently alone or will I die and drop a large amount of loot that I know I won't walk 10km to go get.

I found myself engaging in an epic battle with level 45-60 super mutants for a horde event as a level 30. I'm using cover, grenades and popping up behind them to surprise them with ambushes. I'm using a lvl 20 pipe revolver and my ammo is almost gone. I've used 200 rounds in what has easily been a 30 minute battle. The last few super mutants completely over run me and I'm ready to make a final stand when, all of a sudden, they start dropping like flies with a faint explosive effect with each shot that hits them. All I can think is "fuck! I haven't even got a hit on the legendary" and weigh the risks of trying to move from the bottom floor of this building I'm in to the roof in order to get atleast one shot off. I chose unwisely to be greedy and get a shot in on this bad boy (blast that never ending search for gear). Fighting my way towards the stairs I make a mad dash to the roof only to be confronted by another three super mutants and the legendary.


They immediately throw grenades into the one door I'm in leading to the roof! I rush my way back down the stairs and make my way cautiously back up the stairs, equipping the last few grenades I have. I lob a few grenades into the doorway leading to the roof and wait for the boom. After the boom I hear silence… No experience gain or anything… This is where I made another dumb decision and decided to check out the roof (dang you legendaries!). I'm on the roof, completely exposed and everything is dead. I'm not seeing any players on the map or the roof until…a slight movement catches my eye in the nearby hills. A sniper! I didn't even have the time to react before a bullet ripped through my skull dropping me to my knees… Eventually my fight had ended. All my junk I said I wasn't going to risk collecting, a good portion of my rations and stims… Gone. But boy was that exciting! I can never have this level of excitement in pve and I originally thought the PVP server was a horrible idea.

Boy was I wrong.

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