I will likely get flamed, but here goes my first month impression of FO76

fallout 6 - I will likely get flamed, but here goes my first month impression of FO76

First off, I am a die-hard FO player, all they way back from the beginning. I was horribly disappointed watching the live E3 presentation in 2018, seeing that FO76 would be online only, and catered to team play. I'm a solo player, all the way. One of the reasons is that I pick up and scrap every shred of everything I can find. Not particularly conducive to team play, but until FO76, that didn't really matter. That and it was assumed that camp(s) you and your team spent time building in game could be destroyed while you were away (turned out to be inaccurate), there were no NPCs (HUH? I have to spend dozens of hours reading? — flashes of 12 players in power armor huddling around a terminal, motionless for 10 minutes waiting for their turn to read gave me the willies), and this was a no-go for me from the beginning.

After all the thousands of posts and youtube videos proclaiming the end to Bethesda and the FO franchise, along came Wasterlanders and the free to play double experience weekend. I was mulling finally purchasing FO76 because of the addition of NPCs, and my wife, foolishly enough, proclaims, "I'll buy it for you for your birthday!". Silly…silly, but wonderful woman.

So she bought it, and I dove in. After all that I read over the year+, all the horrific stories, terrible youtube reviews, ruthless board posts scattered all over the web, I was prepared for the worst.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I felt like I was back visiting an old friend. Did it still have many of the FO4 quirks and glitches that we all learned to live with in previous FO titles? Of course it did. It was built using the same engine and no doubt a LOT of the same code, just wrapped in a different package. Looking back now, and admittedly not having played through the growing pains, I don't see what all the complaining was about. To expect something completely new is like expecting to become a teacher, not expecting to spend time working after hours, then complaining endlessly about it when you do. That is the job. Everyone knows it. This is Fallout, everyone knows it.


Have I wanted to whip my xBox One controller at my screen because I can't place an f-ing floor tile because it already placed one and I can't see it? Was I pissed off when I disassembled half of my freakin' camp because I couldn't see the "invisible" floor tile that I placed and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't place one? Does it make me nuts when I can place a wall over there, but not over there? Of course I was.

But that is Fallout.

Some might say I'm making excuses and I'm letting them off the hook for a glitchy game that could and should be better. Maybe, but while there are a few things that I would like to see fixed, there is a certain satisfaction to sniping a Mutant from 300 meters, or decapitating a ghoul with a shotgun blast to the face, and it seems that they're at least making effort, introducing all the new content with yesterday's update, and other game play improvements like the scrap stash box with FO1st. (I wouldn't play without it, being the scrapper I am.)

So, to make a long post a little longer. I'm satisfied that I'm able to explore a new land, while feeling immersed in the FO world that I've grown to love, and interestingly enough, to share it with some online friends at the same time.

Like I tell my daughter, we should be grateful for the abundance we do have, and complain a little less about the few things that we don't, and to Fallout…I'm glad to be back.

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