I would love to see deeper, multi-level mines (/dungeons)

fallout 2 - I would love to see deeper, multi-level mines (/dungeons)

Full disclosure: I have not fully explored every mine on the map…so perhaps there is one (or more) that fits the bill. But thus far, I've found the mines to be pretty small and stale…and I feel like mines in particular are perfect places to tell a slowly unraveling, scary story. There is one mine I found (can't remember the name) that had a pretty cool cult theme that came out in bits and pieces (got some great snaps in photo mode), but ultimately I was surprised by the lackluster "ending" and felt there was definitely a missed opportunity. That mine was also littered with notes when holotapes could definitely have created a better auditory tale.


I would also love to have mines that are a real challenge – where you need to be prepared going into it with the right combo of aid items, weapons, etc. in order to reach the end. These mines would be so hard that teaming up would almost (**almost**) be required, if not highly recommended and being able to revive your teammates would be purposeful because if they just gave up/revived at the mine map location they would be back at the start and waiting for them to join back up would be a pain in the ass. Again, maybe there is a mine like this out there – I just haven't found one yet.

Edited to add: Another cool concept is pressure plates, where doors only open if players are all activating the plates. There are so many options…here’s hoping…

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