I’d like to see a Gun Runners Arsenal-type DLC, implemented in a similar way to the Ever Upwards/Pioneer Scouts content

fallout 8 - I'd like to see a Gun Runners Arsenal-type DLC, implemented in a similar way to the Ever Upwards/Pioneer Scouts content

My reasoning being that despite being grindy, the Ever Upwards update gave us the most time-consuming content so far, with the Dolly Sods daily being the sole way to obtain certain taxidermies besides through players and the world challenges offering many hours of activities to obtain badges. It wasn’t my favourite thing to come out of Wild Appalachia, but it’s definitely up there as the thing this game needs the most is stuff that takes a lot of time to work towards.

Weapon wise melee and heavy gunners benefited the most from Fallout 4 to 76, whilst gunslingers and riflemen only have novelty guns to choose besides what they've been using since 4. However many heavies do not have the benefit of many (if any) mods to choose from, and melee is similar.

Personally I’d introduce a few dailies and a new event, with each respective one rewarding either mods or weapon plans for a certain type of weapon ie rifles, pistols, heavies etc. Once a player has unlocked the plan for a weapon, it can therefore appear in legendary loot tables. New weapons are also directly obtainable through player trading, with the downside being you cannot get the legendaries to drop yourself without learning the plan Give us a bit of tasty lore too, like it being a part of a failed BoS recon team from out west with a sombre holotape message from Maxon hoping Taggerty is still alive, or a Vertibot from a neighbouring state with an actual personality matrix… I don’t know I’m not a writer!

I’ll stick what guns/mods I would like to see and think would keep it balanced, but I’d really like to read what others would prefer!

Weapon Plans

× DKS-501 Sniper Rifle – Higher damage than the Lever Action but slow RoF and heavier weight. .308.

× Service Rifle – Damage on par with the Handmade and highly modifiable. Semi or full auto. 5.56.

× M1 Garand – Ka-CHING. High damage, semi-auto only. Few mods. .308.

× Wattz 2000 – This would be an amazing call-back to the original games, plus it’d be great to have a dedicated energy-based sniper as the Laser/Plasma sniper barrels suck ass. High damage, low RoF. Fusion Cells.


× 5.56 Pistol – Yeah you know, That Gun. Highest damage of any pistol but slow RoF. 5.56 (duh).

× Deliverer – Slightly lower damage than the 10mm but faster RoF, lighter and easy ammo to come by. Sexier. Came from Fallout 4 so easier to implement. .38.

× Incinerator – Adds a bit more variance to heavy weapons. High damage but lower RoF than the AGL. Fuel.

× A New Shotgun?? – Shotgunners shouldn’t feel left out but I can’t think of something that’ll fill a niche or introduce a new dynamic.

Mod Plans

× Mods for all the new weapons – These would also be learnable through scrapping but the dailies would be a cheaper, more fun way of learning them.

× .50 Cal MG, LMG – Various Receiver Mods

× .50 Cal MG, LMG, 10mm SMG – Reflex Sight

× 10mm SMG – Silencer – NV offered a silencer and for a low damage automatic weapon this could really revitalise it.

× 10mm SMG – Bayonet – Bayonets look cool.

× 10mm SMG – No Rear Sight Just takes off the annoying chunk of metal that blocks your view when ADS.

× BPR, The Dragon – Scopes – Mounted at an angle on the side for that cool vintage look. I know scopes of them aren’t ‘realistic’ but this is a game where a Lever-Action Rifle does more damage than a .50 Cal Sniper Rifle. Plus they’d go from being less situational and more tactical.

× Loads of mods for melee/unarmed – like a sharpened spear, ability to make unarmed weapons work with Power Armour, maybe a receiver to make the chainsaw actually viable. Melee/Unarmed already received a few new weapons from Wild Appalachia as well as a whole bunch going from 4 to 76, but they really deserve some love in the mods department.

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