I’d prefer the House ending to be canon.

fallout 7 - I'd prefer the House ending to be canon.

Seriously, as much as I might respect the NCR a bit, they've been done to death at this point.

If Bethesda ever decides on canonising a NV ending (like they did to the old games), then it's best to do something refreshing going forward (ironic, I know, considering what many might think of House's plans). Yeah, I know people like Cass and a lot of fans believe that House is going full steam backwards, but this guy has lived long enough to think things over and avoid making the same foolish mistakes that led to things like the Great War.

NCR? They don't deserve to run New Vegas and expand any further. The franchise should just leave them at the west coast and leave it at that.

Or perhaps the OSI can try to use the Vault 22 data to improve their crops and end up getting infected like the rest of that poor vault. OK, that was just a joke.

Legion ending is just … not suitable, and I only ended up going for it out of morbid curiosity (and on my first playthrough no less). And as for the Independent one, well, why throw the Mojave into anarchy and all that? Seriously, Independent has got to be the most misunderstood ending next to all the hate Mr. House gets.

I know House ain't perfect, but IMO he's the least imperfect option out of all the possible endings for New Vegas. It'd be cool to have this guy take over and slowly realise that he can't quite rush things along as he'd always thought.

Perhaps he'd rethink his plans and do things slowly to educate the wasteland over time? That'd be a nice bit of character development and internal struggle for the dude who's already had to fix his life after being cheated out of his inheritance long ago.

Bethesda doesn't even have to make another game set in Nevada. They could just make references in future titles to a canon House ending. Or better yet, a good karma Courier who's in charge of Big MT having sided with Mr. House. So many beneficial possibilities right there.

The NCR are just too overstretched and corrupt to be allowed to expand anywhere further than their pre New Vegas territories. Hell, just look at what Cass says about NCR making caravan life a real hardship for the poor (taxed to the max, especially depending on which officer is in charge at the time. And nobody does a thing to help). They just shouldn't be allowed to advance, really. And I've seen enough of them across multiple Fallout games by now.

However, if for whatever reason the NCR does become the canon ending for New Vegas (damn), then I hope some future game has us side with the Brotherhood and push them back to the west, or even wipe them out entirely.


I never liked Elder Maxson, but I'll gladly hop aboard the Prydwen if it means pushing back that land-grabbing, corrupt excuse of a 'republic' back to Shady Sands (or maybe not that far). Sure, they'll be lacking the numbers to take the Republic on, but Maxson's charisma could cause loads of NCR haters to join up for the cause.

At this point, there's just no saving grace for the NCR, no matter what some people (like Joshua Graham) might think about the possibility of new leaders improving things. The very core of the NCR is of greed, annexation, high taxes, etc. And they've been done to death already.

As I've said before, I know Mr. House is by no means a perfect ending, but it's the most refreshing one for the franchise going forward. Not even the Independent one can really work out in the long run.

The Courier by themselves is just too much of a wild card to be given all that power alone, and can they really set up trade routes and handle all the affairs of running things by themselves? At least with House there's shared responsibility and a wealth of pre-war knowledge, especially of what led to the world being in the state it currently is.

I just like the idea of the Courier, despite all the hardships and anti-House opinions they may have heard in their lifetime, actually deciding to side with Mr. House. We see in the endings how House does show respect to the Courier and affords them all the luxury he can, whether by fear or for whatever other reason.

They should also canonise the Courier as having been good (which they basically did to the endings of the old games' protagonists), although their gender can be left vague. That plus Mr. House would make the best imperfect ending going forward, both for the Mojave Wasteland and possibly beyond.

I apologise if this long opinion might've angered some heavy pro-NCR fans, but that faction should just stay in their bit of territory for good. The NCR's ambition and curiosity has done more damage than good overall.

And yes, I'll say it again: I know Mr. House is by no means perfect. Freeside, wiping out the Brotherhood (although there is cut content that showed that Obsidian did plan on a House-Brotherhood peaceful solution), etc. is evidence of his often self-serving agenda, but he does have the greater good in mind for the world. And I'd rather the Fallout world have House around than having the NCR run amok even more than they already are.

The Bear should stay west, the Bull can die out, and Independence/anarchy should never happen.

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