I’d rather take my chances with legendary modules than the purveyor

fallout 7 - I'd rather take my chances with legendary modules than the purveyor

I'd rather craft 100 plasma rifles to get an AA 25 25 than wait for the purveyor to give me something decent that's worth trading. I'd rather spend the scrip on legendary modules than buy a lottery ticket . I'm trying to trade as much as possible. Got a AA 25 15 Gatling Plasma while trading which I've put to good use. Having a lot of fun as a heavy energy PA build. But I want to switch to a plasma rifleman build but have been trying for days to get an AA 25FFR plasma rifle. Nobody seems to have any. I'm a bit tired of spending so much scrip to only get weapons which are turned to scrip immediately. I got a B E 250 50 Cal which I'm trying to trade. With the plasma caster I tried 5 times with super duper to get a decent roll and got a Furious 25FFR 15R and it only cost me less than using the purveyor each day. Which is a better deal than waiting for the purveyor to give something worth trading. I'm enjoying the game and I'm patient. I'll continue to do the daily ops in the hope I'll get something decent but I've been doing it for ages and don't get anything worth trading. We're all in the same boat I get it. Keep playing. I'm looking forward to steel dawn. I'm playing each day but it's a bit demoralizing for everybody. Wait for a god roll and then trade for an upgrade. Even when you have to wait 6 months.


Edit: I've played world of warcraft for years. I like raiding. You could spend your DKP and get upgrades. Now you wait 6 months to basically win the lottery. I don't like the design. I'm a min maxer. I've played with a non legendary lever rifle for months because I couldn't find an upgrade almost wanted to quit the game until I got lucky in a player vendor which got me started. This just feels like bad game design. I play each day and still haven't got the best gear. In world of warcraft 10 years ago I would have been full end geared for the amount of time I would have put in the game. FO76 isn't rewarding. The scrip limit is way too low. My stash is full of junk legendary weapons which I scrip daily but I play so much that I have to drop legendaries.

Edit 2: Why do 90% of legendary rolls suck? All we get is junk. I want to craft a decent weapon and do earle with it instead of waiting 6 months for a god roll which I have to trade anyway because I'm not bloodied or junkies. The RNG gives you 99% junk. Furthermore you can only scrip 3 three star junk weapons a day which takes for ever. So I now have to drop gear because the stash limit is way way way too low. I have fallout 1st luckily else I wouldn't have the space. Used to only have 100 junk each.

Edit 3: Make crafting great again! I can craft a plasma caster and gauss minigun but not a fixer or handmade. Why?

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