I’d really love a mod that makes Lorenzo Cabot a companion (Spoilers)

fallout 3 - I'd really love a mod that makes Lorenzo Cabot a companion (Spoilers)

There was a mod release not too long ago that made Father a companion, even adding a fully-voiced quest to obtain him and new speech options when he meets other factions. I also have a few of those for Skyrim, which make people like Ralof, Brynolf, Miraak and Ulfric followers. You know, mods that make NPCs who should have been followers followers. I absolutely love those mods and would love to see others like it.

That got me thinking about other people who could have made good companions. Obviously, there are quite a few, such as Zeke, Zao, Edward Deegan, Vault-Tec Rep, Erickson, Fahrenheit etc. While those characters could be really cool, they have issues – such as their lack of dialogue that can be recycled or the fact that they wouldn't really provide much that the vanilla companions haven't added already. There's also the issue of why these people would want to follow you. Zao just wanted to go home. The Vault-Tec Rep just wants to live a peaceful life. Erickson, Edward, and Fahrenheit have no particular bond with you, at least not enough to want to travel with you.


But then we have Lorenzo Cabot. He's an interesting case because he's VERY different than most other characters in the game. Not only is he essentially immortal, but he also has psychic powers. Imagine fighting alongside him on the battlefield and he's just throwing enemies all over the place like nobody's business? That'd be a pretty awesome sight to see.

I imagine you'd obtain him as a companion if you free him from his containment. And it would make sense for him to want to follow you. When you release him, he says that he sees you and him as alike, so he might want to follow you to see how you work in this new wasteland.

It'd be an interesting idea, and I think he'd really be different than what we've already seen.

What do you think?


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