Idea for new Fallout game: Fallout Alaska

fallout 7 - Idea for new Fallout game: Fallout Alaska

Okay my idea about new Fallout game will be Fallout Alaska.

So you start as a Prisoner being carried by bandits into some bandit settlement in alaska when they get atacked by Bunch of people in coats using pneumatic rifles shooting iron rods, they save you and take you to their HQ in middle of alaska. You learn they are made of Both Russian and americans. you learn that There are 3 main powers in alaska 1 – Russian colonists (they arent of any government they are just refugees trying to live here) 2 – Locals under the Rule of NCR expedition and 3 – White marauders (generic bandits) after that you can walk around the camp and ask the hunters (russians and hunters) about the faction

Now im gonna explain each factions and then continue with story

Hunters – Hunters are made up of both russians and locals, they use really warm weak armor and pneumatic rifles (which work like laser musket from F4) which are good against monsters. they will try colonizing middle parts of alaska and the deadly north, they are the Minutemen-esk faction which start the weakest

Russians – Russians are refugees from siberia and russia trying to find a home, they use armors with good amount of heat but and mediocre protection. their weapon of choice is Toz 34 hunting rifle and AKs. they live on the south-west part of alaska and fight for a place to live. they are also more authoritian

Locals – Locals are led by NCR led expedition to alaska and use M16s and have armors with low heat rating and good protection. Locals want to protect their lands from Russian invaders and some want alaska to become a province of NCR. they are more democratic. also Main mission of NCR here is to get nukes mentioned below

White marauders – White marauders live in south central alaska. they use pipe guns and randomized armor. they have bases all around south central alaska and their main base is Submarine shipwrecked on the coast.

Now continuation of story

now you can do starting quests for Hunters.

first quest will send you to White marauder camp and killing it off.

Second quest will be escorting colonists to the camp and building some basic stuff (beds, water, fishing station) the camp will be near some river.

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third quest will send you to abandoned city controled by marauders to retrieve some item where you will meet small group of locals who will tell you about your item and marauders. also their opinion on russians (evil invaders). then you and locals can asault the marauders together. then you will retrieve item and can go back to hunters or go with the locals to their small base which will start Locals Questline which will be explained later on but now lets explain some mechanics in the game.


Mechanics: in alaska itll be very cold so you will need clothes to give you heat. rule is: the more north you go colder it will be and harder the enemies will be.

Russians will use coats as armor so they wont be as protected as NCR but will be protected from cold.

More Cold you have the more debuffs you get. itll work kind of like radiation but you can only decrease cold by wearing something warm or being in warm places (like near fire)

there will be 3 modes of this 1 – casual = disables cold mechanic 2 – realistic = cold mostly gives debuffs but doesnt hinder the game much. unless you go into north with low heat armor. 3 – hardcore – most armors arent warm enough to protect you from cold. debuffs are harsher

now lets talk about map: South alaska will be the most habitable and thats where the most factions will live. Central north will be where most military bases will be and itll be populated by dangerous robots but itll have a good loot and the super north will be extremly cold inhabited by basically furry version of deathclaws

anchorage will be in ruins and full of White marauders

now the continuation of the story.

ill just shorten it so you only have to read 10k words instead of 20k words

you will learn that the reason NCR are in alaska of all places is because there are lots of nukes hidden in alaska.

you will be sent to middle north by faction of your choice and have to find the location of the codes. youd fight thought the robots and get the location of a secret base, but its in super north alaska. since its super cold and dangerous there you will need a special armor for it. so you spend 3 quests searching for that armor and get Heated Power armor that protects you very well and is very warm. but it needs to be recharged (balancing purposes) and then you race to the super north since other factions are trying to get in there too, fight em, deathclaws and robots off and get the nuke codes now you can choose what are you going to do with it

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1 – give it to hunters= hunters will force both locals and russians to cooperate and try to unite the alaska as independend nation. NCR will leave because their main mission was to get the nukes

2 – give it to russians = russians will force all locals and hunters to leave alaska and then establish The New Russia. they will also do some small killings

3 – give it to the NCR. NCR will force russians to leave and make alaska part of their nation but mostly abandon it. if you havent destroyed white marauders in the game they will take over entire west alaska

4 – Make entire Alaska bow to you and become its overlord

5 – Nuke entire alaska

Hope yall like my idea

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