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fallout 4 - [IDEA] Text-Based Fallout Game

The following thread is NOT an actual project, simply the ideas of a Fallout Fan with too much free time on their hands.

An idea that has been lingering in the back of my head for quite some time; How would you feel about a Text-Based Adventure Fallout game?

A Text-Based Game is one where the player more of ‘interacts’ with the story through multiple given options or even a written answer, a sort of “Choose your own adventure” but with much more complexity and limitless.The game will be set in the world of Fallout, following its original canon Lore.Obviously enough, the game shall completely be in Text with little to no images. (i.e. Maps)


There are quite a few advantages to this! Here's a list of what it can possibly mean:

  • — No character creation limitations — > You will be able to choose your appearance, race, gender, characteristics, back-story, etc.. much more freely. That alone will allow a wider variety of scenarios! No Pip-Boy?!!

  • — A vast World to explore — > Don't get me wrong, the world design / size / content in Fallout games are wonderful!
    But in this case, the size will not matter, it may be as big as we wish!

We could add an almost limitless amount of content!
The dream of connecting every canon Fallout games together would be possible!

  • — World Interactions — > Witnessing the consequences that the player has caused.Seeing communities growing wider or smaller / Creation or destruction of settlements and even towns / NPCs remembering your every actions or simply having heard of your reputation / etc…And also simply much more diverse interact-able objects.

  • — Community Interactions —


    There will quite obviously be a Forum! The community will be able to discuss diverse subjects, seeking help, reacting to Updates or in-game stuff.
    Will be quite important as there will be no information whatsoever on the content in it; They will have to learn everything through the game, NPCs and Exploration will give you information.
    They will also be able to propose ideas for content (Locations / Items / Characters / 'Scenarios' / Minor changes / etc..).   Even if very unlikely for that to be a thing, could possibly be partially multiplayer. That would allow many different mechanics and scenarios; Having players make settlements or towns, in-game communities, form a party to adventure together, global changes to the world in-game, … Could also make world-wide quests / Events / Tournaments.

    The idea is not to be rejected as it is not a bad one and has a lot of potential if well executed, but fallout 76 bro.

  • Lore / Timeline — > As I said previously, I want to follow the game's Canon Lore as closely as possible, but that will only be the base lore of the game, other than that it'll be more flexible.
    The game will be built in the original Fallout World, every previous major events will not be changed. As for the future, the game will have a lore of its own, built by the community. The game will be set the earliest possible after the Great War as to not conflict with events that has happened in the games caused by the decision of the player (i.e. take-over of the Hoover Dam).


There is of course much more to be said and I have many many more ideas to this, but if I keep going even a TL;DR will be too long.

As said above, all of this is NOT an actual project. I simply wanted to discuss this idea of a Text-Based Adventure Fallout Game.Although who knows, it might become a thing..?

What are your thoughts?

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