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I don't know about everyone else, but I've found that Nuke launches have become less exciting as the game goes on. Yes now there is the Wendigo Colossus spawns and Earle as other "do-something" targets with Scorchbeast Queen, but I find the excitement of nukes are gone for me. I remember back in the beginning, when Whitespring was nuked, it was basically an all server event. I was thinking about this, and have some ideas of how to make nuke launches more interesting, specifically what happens after you launch a nuke. I doubt any of these may happen, but thought I'd share anyways.

  1. Dynamic Blast Zone Size – Start by making the blast zone of nukes smaller – let's say half size, and at the same time, make it twice as deadlier. Then add an incentive to go here. Maybe double (or triple) nuked flora during this time. Maybe super high XP enemies. The extra rads would have to be a challenge, but give rewards with it. Then, over time, the nuke zone expands, but becomes less deadly (and those incentives decrease), which would still allow lower level players to take advance of the current benefits of nuke zones. Eventually it all fizzles out to a rad storm, and then goes away.
  2. Nuclear Enemies – Take some of the unique enemies in the game – I'm thinking Mothman, Super Mutant Behemoth, Deathclaw, etc, and create a high level nuclear variant, which spawns when a nuke goes off. Which of these will depend on where the nuke lands. These could the high XP enemies mentioned above, or a boss like SBQ is. However, make it so that there is no server wide announcement except for, when someone first sees it, have something like "PlayerName has detected a Nuclear Mothman in The Forest". These enemies would have to be legendary, and perhaps could have a guaranteed spawn of rare plans (like the ones from events like Fasnacht and Holiday Scorched that you can't get elsewhere).
  3. Nukes That Don't Explode – I'm thinking Megaton from Fallout 3 – the nuke lands, and then nothing. It just sits there. But, if you go to the nuke, you can open it up for some kind of rare item/plan/supplies/currency (I'll let the devs create an in-game reason for this). HOWEVER – just like Megaton, there is an option to detonate the nuke, which would kill you, but also all players within the nuke zone (I'm thinking no warning, it just goes off). So essentially you are creating a race to the nuke to get what is inside before someone decides to detonate it. This would have to be completely random when it would happen, with a something like a 'But Nothing Happened!' notification when the countdown ends and the nuke hits the ground.
  4. Cult of Rad-Ghouls – How cool would it be if there was a non-feral ghoul faction that only appeared in Nuke zones while they are active. As soon as a nuke goes off, they are there to soak in those good rads and scavenge for supplies. Make it so that they are hostile EXCEPT to the person who launched the nuke, which if that is you, they will trade with you and perhaps give you free supplies/loot. Would add a new dynamic to nuke zones, while also giving incentive to be the one to launch a nuke.

Essentially I feel we need more of a reason to launch nukes in the game. Don't get me wrong I'll play a SBQ or Colossus Problem when they appear (the later if its a full team), but I don't see a reason beyond this to make it something that I would do too often.

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