If I had a chance to rewrite the Nuka-World gangs: The Operators

fallout 3 - If I had a chance to rewrite the Nuka-World gangs: The Operators

So, anyone familiar with the Nuka World DLC for Fallout 4 is bound to be familiar with the raider gangs of the titular Nuka World. However, though I felt there were some interesting tidbits here and there about the gangs, not a whole lot is said about why the gangs are the way they are, and are instead boring, drug-peddling, slave-trafficking bad guys with next to no actual cultural identity to speak of other than sheer insanity. However, I feel this was a WAY bigger missed opportunity, as there was some amazing potential behind the gangs, the various symbols they don and even a possible tie-in to a familiar Fallout game in relation to a particular gang's culture and customs. So, from, in my opinion, least to greatest, here are what I feel could have been Nuka World's gangs, their stories fleshed out across several posts, with this time, of course, being The Operators, those money-grubbing conmen with zero f*cks given.


The Operators –
Due to the Operators' style, I feel it would have been cool to, similar to how they were before, placed in Diamond City, however, rather than being a part of the raiders who sought profit, the Operators would have all been a former coalition of 'businessmen' in the business of more illegitimate chems and unregulated customer bases (so essentially, these guys would have been highly dangerous and manipulative chem pushers that once had an entire city under their thumb). Terrorizing Diamond City from behind the stage and pulling the strings, they were eventually run out when one of the Diamond City security guards, the at-the-time captain of the security forces' children died due to a chem overdose, which resulted in the final nail in the coffin for this former coalition after several other events had slowly begun to stir the pot. Faced with life imprisonment, death, or exile, this coalition would disband before heading their separate ways in the wastes. Among these people, of course, would be the mother of mags and william black. Growing up in a world where power meant everything, being raised to manipulate, lie and steal their way through life, they eventually not only became part of a large raider gang after said gang (with their help) successfully pillaged the town they were in at the time, but they would within a matter of months become the undisputed leaders of said gang. Eventually tiring of the buffoons around them, however, they, one by one, slowly inducted only those with a knack for cunning, the bold-faced lie, sheer ruthlessness and, most importantly, a good business sense. Within a matter of a few years, their gang, now renamed the operators in memory of their mothers' coalition, was successful enough to attract the attention of a familiar raider boss and his…shall we say…advisor of sorts.

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