If I had a chance to rewrite the Nuka-World Gangs: The Pack

fallout 1 - If I had a chance to rewrite the Nuka-World Gangs: The Pack

Welcome back to anyone who is just getting into this little mini-series thing, and welcome to anyone who didn't get to read my first one, the one I did on the Operators. Now, I wanna apologize if the Operators seemed kinda lack-luster even in that rewrite, it is just that when I made these I attempted to preserve a LOT of the gangs' iconography and how they work as well as the philosophies behind these three gangs of killers, cutthroats and thieves. However, with the next two, I found that there was generally more freedom and just more awesome stuff I could have done with the gangs, especially the Disciples who will be the last of the three gangs I'll cover a rewrite for, who, without giving anything too big away, I actually found a really cool spot in the Fallout universe that not only fits their philosophies and such, but will also be a treat for anyone who may have loved Fallout: New Vegas like I did as a kid. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Today, we'll cover those mangy scoundrels, the strong and the cunning, the Pack, and why, in this rewrite, at least, they find such inspiration in the images of nature.


The Pack –
Originally, the Pack came from a highly irradiated region similar to the glowing sea, if it wasn't the glowing sea itself. As such, the Pack would find themselves under siege from radioactive and heavily mutated horrors day and night. A good day for this poor tribe was when one of their own was torn apart by a deathclaw to end early a long and painful life of sickness due to radiation exposure. And what did the so-called "leaders" of the tribe do? Nothing. Worse than nothing. They cowered in the most solid buildings, waiting out the glowing tides while the rest of the tribe fought hard to just stay alive. Without someone to properly lead them to safety, the tribe would surely perish beyond the walls, yet the closest things they had to leaders crouched in corners and hid in relative safety. That is, until he came. A large hulk of a man, strong as he was cunning. In a display of power and cunning, he killed the at the time reigning leader and used his carcass as a distraction while his forces recouperated. Under the leadership of a true warrior, a true leader, they would not only prove far more successful against the merciless hordes that night, but within a matter of days, the tribe was already prepared to leave. At long last, they would fight their way out of this nightmare. Fighting all the way to the nearest large settlement, they would, for the first time in months, mayhaps even years, know respite. But it all came at a price; no matter what they tried, the tribesmen could not make a living that didn't involve murder and battle. They found themselves in a society that had little need for them beyond brutes and mercenaries. But if there was one thing their time in the wastes taught them anything, it was that, if they wanted something, and the world refused to simply give it to them, there was always the route of brute force. And so, before being driven out, they would overrun the city for several years, killing and even enslaving those that defied them. Upon being booted out of the city, they would become nomads for a time, their leadership constantly exchanging hands to keep the leadership clever and strong, terrorizing settlements and practically entire cities. And so they wandered, maiming whom they didn't enslave, until the day they would meet a man and a powerful raider with a business opportunity. One that would greatly benefit both themselves and the…"partners"…who would receive the same business arrangement. No longer would they be feared in one place at a time, but rather across the ruins and wastes of this irradiated world.

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