If I have to server hop to survive a creature, the creature is not fairly designed (story)

fallout 4 - If I have to server hop to survive a creature, the creature is not fairly designed (story)

I was exploring Appalachia, just taking in the scenery and trying to find some scrap when I noticed some flashing green lights in the distance. Perplexed I marked the general location of where I thought it was on my map I fast traveled to the nearest point. When I got their I noticed a single Scortchbeast. No problem, I'm pretty high level, I've taken out a couple. But then I turn my back because I heard a screech and out of no where three more Scortchbeasts pop out of no where and start bombarding me with their echo attack. Fu*k. Four of them. One is hard, two is probably my limit. but Four? With their special move "Frame Drop" and their ultimate attack "Disconnected From Server", It's a miracle I can even get through one.

Now I have a good rig and character, so I do not lag and I can (kind of) take one down. But four of them?

I started to sprint. Anywhere. But they were some persistent bastards. It was like I owed them money. It was like in a past like I slapped their ancestors. It was like I was the one person in life that if they killed all their problems would go away. I could NOT loose them. I ran all the way up the dry river bed, over the hillside, up and down mountains. But they just would bot fu*k off. By this point I'm surviving by the skin of my teeth, stimpacks are gone, my armour is in rags. I can not survive this. So I did what any person would do. I left


People compare the Scortchbeasts to dragons in Skyrim. No. In Skyrim you could easily take on a Dragon. You are given the tool necessary to win. But Scortchbeasts?You can have a literal nuclear warhead slingshot aimed and fired at the beast and it will only tickle them. You can have a team of five guys run at it with a 50. Cal machine gun and still only get it down to half health before 2 of your team mates disconnect.

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When I see a Scortchbeast, mind you the posterboy and main antagonist of the game, my first reaction should not be to try and get the fu*k out of the situation. I should feel excited. I should feel like I have a chance to kill it without my PC bursting into flames or my lack of a social life and friends preventing me from taking it down.

Scortchbeasts are decent creatures. They are just annoying as fu*k to deal with.

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