If I were in charge of Fallout 4’s Development

fallout 8 - If I were in charge of Fallout 4's Development

Here are some things that would have been different:

1 – There would be a tremendous amount of vegetation everywhere except those areas like downtown, where people frequent. The fact is that in 200 years, vegetation would have swallowed up everywhere it wasn't managed.

2 – every house/building would be a serious ruin, except where Codsworth has done his best to keep my house up. Even there, obvoius patches of the roofs and walls would be there where Codsworth had borrowed from other houses to try and repair mine.

3 – entry into any high rise or building anywhere would be at your peril. Where the exteriors are stone and sealed it would be a little safer, but you would still have to tread carefully. The next step onto a staircase or balcony could be the one that causes it to fail.

4 – all fusion cores in use would be drained. You could build or find a machine that would recharge them (like a battery), but after 200 years of continuous use, an FC would simply be empty of power. Even FCs you find that were never used would be randomly set to anywhere from 50%-90% of power, as they would deteriorate over time.

5 – The glowing sea would only 'glow' where sources of radiation still fed the immediate area. It would be still be dangerous but mainly because the emptiness of the area would be laden with creatures like deathclaws and radscorpions, which would proliferate without natural enemies. DCs can and do, of course, attack anything and are territorial, but RS would be everywhere.


6 – Everything metal on the outside would be covered in rust and most of it would crumble on touch. Findings usable steel would become a challenge in the early game, since 200 years of ocean driven storms would have played havoc with exposed metal.

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7 – No waterway would have any significant amount of radiation. The water would still be unsafe to drink, but more for health reasons than rads. Fact is you can walk around the test site (Trinity) where the first nuclear blast in America took place and they don't even make you wear booties, since the remaining rads in the soil are so low. After 40 years the rads returned almost to normal, so 200 years it would be about the same as background radiation.

So the big challenges would be (a) a tremendous amount of dangerous wildlife and feral dogs everywhere but the areas frequented by people, (b) actually finding enough source material to build anything, (c) finding or building a FC charger if you want to use power armor, (d) dealing with a significant increase in the danger whenever entering a building or even being around high rises, and (e) a near impossible army of radscorpions and deathclaws anywhere around or in the Glowing Sea

I am sure there are other changes that would help make this future world make more sense, but these are a few I would make.

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