If i were made the minutemen faction. Warning: wall of text incoming

fallout 2 - If i were made the minutemen faction. Warning: wall of text incoming

Settlements would have 3 option to go with. Auoto-build, semi-auto build, and full manual.

Auto-build: everything built automatically as resources allows, and jobs required for settlers.

Semi-Auto: you can build/load/save a plan, that it automatically carried out as resources allows, and jobs requied.

Full-manual: current system

Region system: The game would have separated region with each region containing one takeable settlement. Goodneighbour, and Diamond city don't count. Each region would have a security value.

Security would decide how many hostile random encounter you get, and how many enemies spawn in general. You could increase security by killing stuff, and clearing places. You could only reach 100% security if all places also cleaned in a region. Having it would literary grant immunity of bad stuff for the local settlement. That means no kidnapping, no attacks, no random hostile encounters.

New flare type: blue flare. Blue flare would call a scavenger squad, if there is any in the region.

Squads, their missions, and types.

Scout: these guys would gather information. It would tell how strong a place is, or how secure the region is, or even discover places that not yet discovered.

Scavenger: they would literary clean up the place of stuff, and bring it to the chosen settlement. It would mean, that they loot EVERYTHING in the place you send them. Sending them to region would randomly generate junk for the settlement. Technically you could send them to scavenge in uncleaned places, but doing so would increase danger. And so is region security. Providing better combat gear, or more people could reduce danger.


Soldier: as the name suggest. Red flare would call them for backup, they could bolster settlement defense value, or could be sent to clear places of enemies, or patrol the region for general security increase. At some point you could ignore a bunch of places, and simply send these squads to kill enemies for you. Be warned, that sending them into a place with quest might not give you the best outcome. For example you send a squad to the place where Kent is held at the end of the Silver Shroud quest would complete the quest, if the squad is strong enough. However Kent would have a 75% to die.

Giving orders:

There would be 3 ways. Flares would be quick method to call scavenger, or soldier squad from region, if there is any.

  1. Walking to the quad leader, and say it in person.
  2. Use the "command table" item, that could be built into settlement. It let you send squads from local area to any mission anywhere.
  3. Radio. You would need to build a radio, and give a receiver to squad to use it. Castle would come with a bunch of receivers, and it's own radio as well. Can command any squad anywhere for any order.

Enemy movement, and perimeter zones:

Perimeter zones would have no settlements, and could never be fully secured. However constant patrols could negate the problems by this.

Enemies from heavily unsecured zones could move to other zones. Increasing security in one place, and reducing it inside the other.

Technically the minutemen questline could end. If you secure all region to 100%, and keep enough patrol in each perimeter zone to keep the security too high for enemy movement.

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