If the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout game isn’t truly next gen, or if Bethesda tries to fill them with microtransactions, then I’m done with both series until they’re under new management.

fallout 4 - If the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout game isn't truly next gen, or if Bethesda tries to fill them with microtransactions, then I'm done with both series until they're under new management.

It's no secret that even for the state of tech in 2011 Skyrim was a little dated. However, it made up for that in being a pretty legitimate improvement on its predecessor with respect to the world-building and how fun it was to explore.

I really enjoyed my time with Skyrim (and still play the special edition from time to time), although I will say I wish the writing was better and the quests less linear, and while the dungeon-diving is generally okay they are pretty straight forward for the most part and the puzzles are far too easy. It's also disappointing how Bethesda just cut or "streamlined" neat features from earlier titles (e.g. spellmaking, fewer armour pieces, no clothing underneath, etc.). Although at least they seem to be adding back some of that complexity here and there (see the return of armour pieces and partial return of undergarments in Fallout 4).

They also did make some nice additions to Skyrim like the crafting system, and combat was better (if only by a half-step). Unfortunately, as always – the game was (and still is if not using the patches modders have made) rife with bugs. Oh let's not forget the Creation Club and paid mods nonsense – except the Creation Club is nothing but a glorified microtransaction store (you can tell because there is 0 value for money in any of those purchases, everything is way too overpriced).

Fallout 4–another game I enjoyed my time with–was undeniably a disappointment on release. None of the good quest content/writing we had in Fallout: New Vegas and no real ability to actually roleplay. It was clearly very dated in comparison to other AAA games being released around that time (in terms of graphics, animation, physics, etc.).

However, at least the gunplay was much improved (still not amazing but a lot better), and the weapon/armour crafting and mod system was great. The companions were a step up from Fallout 3 although still not as good as Fallout: New Vegas (much closer to New Vegas level of companions than Fallout 3 companions, though).

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The settlement system was a neat gimmick but shouldn't have been a headline feature because for a headline feature it was pretty shit, It could've been designed/executed/implemented a LOT better, it should've been properly balanced and tied into the game more seamlessly. Again, unfortunately, the game was (and still is) rife with bugs.

Then this debacle of Fallout 76, where all of Bethesda's usual bullshit applied, plus some extra flavour of the month AAA gaming industry bullshit (microtransactions, etc.). Worse still, all that bullshit was all the more noticeable because the game was otherwise entirely devoid of the sort of content Fallout fans wanted and expected. User reviews are still like 2/10 on metacritic (ouch!). No amount of modding can save that game, and it seems not even Bethesda can as every new update that comes out seems to break something else. I pity the fool that spent money on that game, although I hope they managed to get at least some enjoyment out of it.

With that all said, if Bethesda's next entry in either series isn't entirely single-player (with, perhaps, optional co-op – but nothing more!) – then I'm done.

If it isn't properly next-gen and actually pushing the boundaries in similar ways to what CD Projekt Red and Rockstar do with their games – then I'm done.

If it happens to be filled with microtransactions (COSMETIC OR OTHERWISE) or if they try to implement another Creation Club (or worse expand on it) – then I'm done.

I really hope they hit their next mainline title out of the park, and if they want my money or support… they better.

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