If they ever remake New Vegas, the faction system should be improved.

fallout 4 - If they ever remake New Vegas, the faction system should be improved.

Might be some spoilers here.

I've got two things in mind that could make a New Vegas remake even better than the original (and that's besides the benefits of making it on a brand new game engine):

1) The factions themselves.

Look, there's no denying that much of NV was cut for various reasons, and that the 'final' game ended up being very, VERY NCR biased. This was kind of unfair to those who, like me, don't see them as being the shining beacon of greatness that some other players might.

Sure, none of the factions are perfect, but the NCR really gets whitewashed in many faction-debates. Anyway, a NV remake should give all the factions more quests and depth, for immersion. For example, the Legion should get far more named NPCs, dialogue, mainquests, and sidequests, etc., not to mention a faction companion.

In the base game, Raul is probably the most Legion-friendly companion we get, and he's an old-school ghoul.In the base game, Raul is probably the most Legion-friendly companion we get, and he's an old-school ghoul.

Whatever faction we join should be fleshed out to really make us feel as if we're part of them. This is one thing which I, a New Vegas lover, appreciated from Fallout 4. Sure, FO4 was a letdown in some areas, but it really gave us a good share of quests (never mind all the radial ones) across all its factions.

With this in mind, New Vegas 2.0 (or redux or whatever) should give the Independent, Mr. House, Legion, and maybe the NCR line more quests across the Mojave. The Brotherhood too (even though they're a minority). It shouldn't be a rush from meeting the faction leader to getting to the finale (just playing a Legion character is depressing from the lack of content, as is a Mr. House one).

Here are some examples of extra quests which would be appreciated:

-Finding a way to save all those crucified victims, which could maybe get you fame with NCR or whoever. This could be dependent on your medicine and survival skills, etc.

  • Assassinating Colonel Moore, for either the Legion or the Brotherhood (Moore did survive four tours against the BoS in the west, so killing her would be great for revenge).

  • Retaking Helios One, for the Brotherhood.

  • Assassinating Chief Hanlon, for the Legion.

-Basically, any late-game assassination quests would be cool.

  • Save Ranger Stella (was she the one captured from RS Charlie?) and get NCR fame.

  • Hell, just fortifying and protecting Ranger Station Charlie (or any weakened locations) itself would be cool. They could implement Fallout 4's settlement system here.

  • Going on Securitron patrols — for either yourself or House — and wiping out either dirty raiders, NCR, Legion, etc. in various locations, depending on the quest itself.

  • Having Ulysses as a companion, depending on your Lonesome Road choices, and actually integrating him into the main game (would be cool to see what Caesar would have to say).

  • This isn't strictly faction-related, but it would be nice to have a quest where you take Veronica to the Sierra Madre, especially if Christine was left alive.

There are so many possibilities to really expand the Mojave Wasteland in a New Vegas remake, even more so since the game would be made on today's engines.

2) The disguise system.

Yeah, I know some of you will be thinking 'just ditch it', but there are ways to really improve upon this flawed mechanic. First of all, I know how NV works with the whole 'fake reputation' thing and all that. So, with that in mind:

A remake should keep the disguise system but with a few changes. They should make it so that if you kill an opposing faction's members while wearing faction armour, you gain a tiny bit of fame with the faction you're representing.

For example, you wear BoS armour and kill a few NCR troopers? A bit of BoS fame for you.

I know it's unrealistic to expect them to know everything you're doing across the Mojave, so maybe make it that this only starts once you're 'accepted' (or just known in the first place) by that faction. They could even make it only a chance to get fame (based on your luck skill) per kill, so as to not make getting reputation too easy and exploitable.

Another welcome change would be the whole disguise-detection thing. In NV, named NPCs, etc. will always break your cover no matter what (if you're an enemy). I know this is realistic in the sense that an on-site officer would know all their troopers (and that you're the imposter), but this is just a game anyway.

They should make it so that having your cover broken is based on many factors, including Luck, how much your face is covered, etc. That would also make Luck more useful than it already is.

That's just my two cents with regards to stuff that could benefit a remake of this classic.

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