If you compare the anthem subreddit to this one, you’ll see just how little Bethesda really cares compared to BioWare

fallout 3 - If you compare the anthem subreddit to this one, you'll see just how little Bethesda really cares compared to BioWare

It hurts me to have to write this. It really does. That I have to be THAT GIRL that says this shit. But seriously all I ever see here is 'I'll pass it on… Noted… We will let the team know… It's something we're considering."

Seriously? This is all we get? Let me share with you what AnthemTheGame gets.

Our goal is to continue to be transparent. We will never intentionally make stealth changes – as we get our patch note process locked in for launch it’s possible we miss things, we will try very hard not to but we hope you give us the benefit of the doubt if something goes live without an appropriate message to the community

This is from the lead producer. Not some social media manager. The LEAD PRODUCER!

We actually already add a 5 second overshield to the player reviving, and the person being revived, after the revive is complete. This results in basically 5 seconds of damage immunity. You can usually see this with a faint blue shimmer VFX on the Javelin once it goes off

This is from a BioWare development manager. Not some social media manager.

I'll just echo what others have said. 😊 You can only quick play into missions you've already completed. It's a "narrative safe" activity

Technical design director. Not a social media manager, but someone who actually knows what they are talking about and can back up what they are saying about the game. Plus, they put a fucking emoji. Where are our emojis? We never get any smiley faces from Bethesda. Such bullshit.

In one single post, there were THIS MANY Bethesda replies:

Comment by BioWareJer:

Oh we definitely used some jets on these, and will continue to as we progress through live service!

Comment by BioWareJer:

Hrm…could do.

Comment by BioWareJer:

Thicc God.

Comment by BioWareJer:

Sounds like something you could upgrade….would be sweet.


Comment by BioWareJer:

Thank you! We aim to please, and have worked really, really hard on this one. Hope you like it 🙂

Comment by BioWareJer:

Noted. Will investigate 🙂

Comment by BioWareJer:

We will do some dev diaries in the future 🙂

Comment by BioWareJer:

Hey if it means we keep getting to make cool stuff and people are playing, I'm happy 🙂

Comment by BioWareJer:

That's a fair criticism. I think the prevailing thought (amongst a few developers at least) is to polish what you have to 90%, rather than try to get …

Comment by BioWareJer:

Yeah they did come back in fine form, been meaning to try it lately. And I agree with your last point, and wish we lived in a parallel universe where …

Comment by BioWareJer:

Yeah, we have added a lot since the demo. Months of work across 14 people working 12 hours a day 🙂

It's incredible how design directors, producers, architects, everyone from the BioWare team is coming up out of the woodwork to interact with the players on Reddit and be open and transparent with them. But what do we get? A social media manager disconnected from all development. I honestly feel bad because Bethesda set them up to fail. that's not what the players want, and it's certainly not what we deserve given how the release went. But it's what we have gotten.

Tl;Dr: We get a shoddy PR team that always says they will pass the message on, but never has any answers. Meanwhile, the anthem subreddit is treated with such respect and transparency by the developers. Not a PR team, not social media managers, the actual development team. They even put emojis in their replies to show that they are smiling. Isn't that crazy? I wish we got emojis 😢

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