If you truly value our feedback, stop cherry picking the patch notes.

fallout 4 - If you truly value our feedback, stop cherry picking the patch notes.

So it seems a few negative changes have been sneaked in with todays patch, without them being listed in the patch notes. I have noticed 3 so far but there are almost certainly more. Bethesda say they value our feedback and want to improve the game, but when you're nerfing things in secret, it feels like the opposite.

All other games I follow publish their FULL patch notes; literally every change that has been made in that update – good or bad or insignificant. I wish Bethesda would start doing the same.

For those curious what has been nerfed…

  1. Fusion core processors now only make 1 fusion core per hour (used to be like 10). A terrible change IMO, as I can easily burn through 2 cores per hour therefore rendering it pointless. In the time it takes to claim, setup, and defend the workshop, I could go out and just grind power cores from robobrains. This will kill power plant workshops. EDIT: Apparently ALL resources collectors have been nerfed.
  2. Cap stashes have been nerfed. You can no longer server hop and find cap stashes, and they take much much longer to reappear for you. Not a bad change persay, as I felt like server hopping was making servers feel empty, and it must've been causing hyperinflation considering how many were doing it. But still, please include it in the patch notes.
  3. The way mobs spawn has been nerfed. Mobs used to spawn if somebody entered the area, regardless if other people were there. It now seems that they only spawn if nobody else is near their spawn point. This will mess up farming ghouls in nuke zones, like the golf club at whitespring.

If anyone has noticed anything else feel free to post it here.

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