If you’re on this Sub and haven’t played it yet, here’s 50 reasons to play Fallout 76

fallout 6 - If you’re on this Sub and haven’t played it yet, here’s 50 reasons to play Fallout 76

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1.) Appalachia is massive and one of the most unique maps in fallout games

2.) There are many different biomes on the map

3.) Cryptids; grafton monster, Monthman and more

4.) You don’t need to play fallout 1-75 to understand it

5.) The sound track / radio has new songs which haven’t appeared on games in the past “West Virginia”

6) you can play solo or with friends

7.) the community of people are so welcoming and friendly

8.) New enemy types!

9.) New story that adds to the cannon

10.) settlers DLC added NPCs making the world feel more alive

11.) Its set not long after the bombs dropped which is an interesting setting

12.) 16 times the detail

13.) Its more of what you love, fallout

14.) The stash size (storage space) has been increased for free

15.) The brotherhood are here!

17.) New weapons and legendary affects

18.) New armour and power armours

19.) Filthy casuals

20.) Seasons are free and unlock rare items

21.) it’s no longer survival, eating and drinking add buffs, not death

22.) New CAMP items

21.) you can place and build a CAMP ANYWHERE

22.) Open your own shop and make some caps

23.) Players often gift low levels players free gear, resources and aid

24.) Plushies / rare bears

25.) Displaying rare items

26.) Ops is an intense challenge when new and gives lots of free ammo

27.) There’s an art to crafting the perfect character with the right perks which is satisfying

28.) Sheepsquatch


29.) Insult Bot

30.) taking down a scorch beast

31.) Free in store “Atoms” for playing the game such as, collecting things or visiting places

32.) Atom store has some nice rare items for CAMPs

33.) The game is on Xbox game pass

34.) buying a hard copy usually comes with 500 free Atoms

35.) Visiting other players CAMPs is fun and some have some unique builds

36.) Public events are great for teaming up with strangers for a common goal

37.) Daily challenges mean you can play for an hour and a turn it off

38.) The story is fun and has some interesting characters

39.) It’s not pay to win

40.) Photo mode is underrated with some great filters and affects to play with

41.) setting off a nuke is epic

42.) it’s a great way to make friends who like similar things

43.) I haven’t met a single griefer; they’re rare

44.) PVP has to be initiated, you can’t just be attacked

45.) Finding rare plans is exciting and fun

46.) Halloween, Christmas and seasonal events keep it fun!

47.) for those who don’t like a voiced protagonist.. you’re in luck!

48.) Nukashine

49.) Discovering new places in the new biomes is really exciting as each town/ area is nicely spread out

50.) Youll have a great time playing something new which is really cheap to now buy!

And a bonus one…..


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