I’m always willing to help a newbie…unless they piss off the Whitespring robots anyway…and other players

fallout 3 - I'm always willing to help a newbie...unless they piss off the Whitespring robots anyway...and other players

So I'll try to keep this short…but probably can't. So I had the most fun in my camp at Whitespring with some very new low level…and likely drunk guys on Saturday night.

I was about to log off when two level 11 players came to my camp. They had a mic and I'm only emotes which made for very interesting conversations (they couldn't figure out to ask one question at a time instead of this or that questions). Anyway, I decide I would make them a couple new weapons and give them some stimpaks and radaway. They complement my camp and we took lots of photo ops and played guitar around the fire and played some foosball etc.

After a while they leave…I think now's my time to log off…but now there is a level 246 doing some shopping…so I wait. The two level 11s come running back begging for help because a flying dragon is after them…lol. So me and the level 246 go over and help with the scorchbeast. They made fun of the 246 guy because he died once (I think a non whitespring robot got him) and they said a level 15 took him out (again very new so unaware of the scaling). So the annoyed 246 opens fire on the lvl 11 who do not have pacifist on and kills them…I do nothing to stop this of course…I'm a total pacifist (although there were a few times I wanted to do the same thing during our encounter too despite the fun and humour of it all).


The lowbies head back to my camp and ask about what to do with legendary items. I walk them over to the train station (fully intending to take them to the resort after to show them the mall of vendors). Now along the walk over we spot a lengendary ghoul that goes and attacks a whitespring sentrybot. The guys say…lengendary lets get him. So I set myself up in such a way that I won't hit the sentrybot and use vats to do my one shot and wait for the battle to end. I get my drop. But the poor lvl 11s must have missed their shot and hit the sentrybot…at which point I walk away.

Eventually they give up on trying to loot the legendary and come over to the trainstation. (Needless to say, I never got to take them to the resort because all the robots will be out to get them). They deposit their weapons and we port back to my camp. At which point they annoyed a lvl 500+ who again unleashed rounds and killed them both. At which point they return…one calls a truce the other tries again and fails. The two newbies port back to their own camps…the lvl 500 and I exchange pleasant emotes.

So finally…1.5 hours after I originally planned on logging off…I finally log off while LMAO. That was the most fun I've had with a couple newbies. I love this game. Just felt like sharing this with the community as it was an experience I won't soon forget.

Edit: we really need some form of actually chat feature in the game. It is so hard to explain or help newbies out when you are like me and don't use a mic. The entire interaction would have been much different…although probably less humorous if we had a chat feature.

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