I’m fairly certain my Vault 88 is possessed and hates me

fallout 7 - I'm fairly certain my Vault 88 is possessed and hates me

TLDR: Vault-Tec Workshop settlement isn't playing nice, need some sort of mod or something to scrap the place out because it won't let me do it manually.

So prior information before the main post: Vault-Tec is one of my favorite DLC's for FO4 because of the settlement stuff. Gives me a big ol area to just craft into my own personal Vault and I love that, even if the DLC doesn't give me much for other settlements. I don't care much for other settlements anyway – I feel like it's more convenient to just work on an indoor area than trying to figure out an entire city.

For some reason, though, the DLC doesn't like me back.

I made a really bad decision with my first vault, as I wasn't too keen on how to properly make a Vault. I used common rooms as my main room, my reactors are all over the place, and the structure is like living in futuristic spaghetti noodles. Not only that, but my poor settlers – who are all way too happy for the state of the vault, might I add – are all bottle-necked when they try to go to bed, and get stuck in my security office (because i thought a security office leading to dormitories would be a good idea) because there's just no room for them to get anywhere.


Yet, for some reason, the Vault won't let me do anything to it to make it better. The first time I realized this was when I made the dormitories for my settlers, and for some reason power wouldn't go to one corner of lights, leaving the room like a tomb unless I put a generator down, which just ended up being way too noisy. Which sucks, because my crafting room was right below it, and for some reason that grinding sound can go through all the walls. Next, the vault actually takes things from me, with a lot of my crafting stations just up and disappearing because… witchcraft I guess. I might've just loaded a different save by accident, but considering I don't keep that many saves, I'm just going to blame it on the Vault that's acted up in every other way possible. And the icing on the cake: I can't actually scrap the rooms without running the risk of a total game crash, which happens at seemingly random when scrapping the rooms. I have deduced that it's mostly my farm room causing it (something about scrapping the floors below the garden plots, maybe?), buuut there's also the one time I only scrapped my Nuka-Mixer and the game completely crashed. So yeah.

I'm on PS4, so I'm missing a lot of the player-made and console tools that might exorcise this damn vault. If anyone knows a way to just scrap everything in Vault 88 so I can start again without doing it manually so the game doesn't crash, please let me know because that's all I want to do.

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