I’m in New Vegas at lvl 5 and I feel like a god

fallout 3 - I'm in New Vegas at lvl 5 and I feel like a god

We all know the road of death going north out of Goodsprings. Filled with cazadors, deathclaws, armoured raiders and giant radscorpions. Designed to prevent a low level character from going to New Vegas too early in the game, there should be no way to possibly survive.

Well ladies and gentlemen I fucking did it. Out of sheer luck I legitimately fucking did it. For the first time in all my years of playing I achieved this and I want to share this feeling with all of you

Edit: As a note I did do this on survival mode.

So to recount my epic journey it all started at the Yangtze Memorial. As a level 3 character I was pretty geared up. I managed to loot a laser rifle in the coyote den which along with the grenade launcher and dynamite would end up saving my life.

Setting off I didn't really originally plan to end up going up the path to New Vegas. I made my way west hunting down the radscorpions to make some easy caps for my journey. I kept pushing to see how far I could make it and after a few pretty hairy encounters I managed to exterminate every radscorpion and push to the Makeshift Khan Camp. Expending most of my ammunition on the way.

With little left from any of my effective weapons I thought for sure the gang of cazadors waiting for me there would be the end of me but with my last grenade I managed to get the initial jump on them. Those buggers pretty much expended all my stimpaks though. I got em back though, switching to my laser rifle I crippled the wings of the survivors effectively turning them into child's play.


At that point I had a varmint rifle, a few sticks of dynamite, and about 5 shots in my 20 gauge. Bonnie Springs was in sight but so were the deathclaws and I was definitely in their sight. In a mad dash out of desperation I ran for the dilapidated town and somehow made it before the deathclaws crippled me.

Now I had a new problem though. The raiders had noticed me now as well and were coming my way. But what they didn't know is that I had three enraged deathclaws on my heels. In a weird twist of fate these deathclaws became my saviours. I wouldn't have survived the onslaught of bullets without them. They ended up getting aggroed by the raiders and in an absolute slaughter they ended up killing each other until one deathclaws was left.

Switching to third person now, while this was all going on my character watched in horror and fascination from the ruins of one of the busted houses. In a stroke of luck on his part the deathclaw was too large to reach him. Without any dynamite left and only his varmint rifle left he made his way to the roof and slowly wore down the deathclaw until with 3 bullets left he got the killshot. He stood there alone amongst the corpses of man and beast alike and with New Vegas he set off north to the strip

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