I’m in the 1%/hyper-optimized builds for 76. This update didn’t nerf me. It made me exponentially stronger.

fallout 4 - I’m in the 1%/hyper-optimized builds for 76. This update didn’t nerf me. It made me exponentially stronger.

Let me start by saying I had a blast yesterday. Was the first time I’d really crushed a big session in a while. Been playing WoW and wanted to hop back into 76 before Shadowlands launches.

When I mean hyper optimized, I mean this:

Full unyielding/sentinel/AP refresh Thorn Armor. Bloodied/Swing Speed/+1 STR Tenderizer. Bloodied/Explosive Handmade. All perks built for combat.

Now, I’ve never been the guy who drugs/food stacks/sneak crits the queen in 1 hit, but I can stand there pretty much all day in her face and take her lunch money, while out damaging pretty much everyone else (unless they themselves are hyper optimized).

The damage nerf was designed to make the game more difficult, which I understand and actually welcome. It was also designed to prevent players like myself from “ruining” the fun of others.

But I’m still stronger than 99% of players. I can still put up more damage and tank even more with the new legendary cards. My build is becoming more and more optimized.

However, you have put the following players in a horrific bind. Players who:

A) Don’t have an interest in optimizing B) Don’t have the time/resources to optimize C) Are experimenting with different builds D) Are still leveling and haven’t finalized their builds E) Are on the road to optimization and don’t have the legendaries yet

Last night at the SBQ we had a group of 13 I think. At least 10 of the 13 were being massacred by the adds. And not just by the elite mobs/cryptids, but by mole rats, ants, mirelurks, and scorched foot soldiers. Why? Because not only did you scale the difficulty of the mobs up tremendously, you nerfed every aspect of damage as well. They couldn’t even defend themselves. They fired their nerf guns in desperation as they backpeddled and were slaughtered. I cannot imagine how much more difficult the Colossus just became.

So how does this make me stronger? Because I’m one of the few who could do anything. I burned through 40+ stims on resurrections alone. I killed more adds than I’ve ever needed to because the other players could not remotely keep up. Myself and the other few who did have some optimization were forced to carry and carry hard. The less optimized and “weaker” players could not contribute in any way.


Now you could argue that this is “end game” content we’re talking and – like mythic+ or raids in WoW – it’s only meant for the “elite” players. But this issue isn’t only effecting the end game. Scroll through this reddit and you’ll find no shortage of players that are fighting tooth and nail to survive a few mole rats or ghouls. Part of this issue is that there are no “unoptimized” enemies like there are players. You could easily have a level 60 player who is more powerful than a level 100 player based on their build. You’ll never have a level 100 scorched that is weaker than a level 60 scorched. So, if you don’t/can’t optimize your build immediately post-50, you will fall further and further down on the power curve.

Non-legendary weapons/armor have become exponentially weaker than they were before. The “food build” (for those unaware, this is a build that focuses on grabbing as many QoL perks as possible and using a strong weapon + numerous food buffs to make up for a lack of combat perk investment) will be completely obsolete. These builds were always obsolete in PvP, but few players who utilized them were interested in PvP, so it was a moot point. Now they will be hit in PvE too. This is the most casual friendly build in the game we’re talking about.

Increasing the difficulty of the mobs in game is a great decision. Nerfing the damage multipliers is another viable option in increasing the longevity of the game. But together? It’s like if we were playing baseball and you made the ball heavier and moved the fences back at the same time. You’ve introduced an exponential power change.

I don’t believe the changes implemented in this patch will be healthy in the long term. After the freshness of it wears off, you’ll see an exodus of players who feel that the combat has become repeated encounters with bullet sponges.

I would strongly recommend an adjustment to the scaling or a rollback on the damage modifiers.

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