I’m losing faith in RPGs, and Bethesda isn’t the only reason

fallout 2 - I'm losing faith in RPGs, and Bethesda isn't the only reason

This probably isn't a popular opinion, (oh well) but I just needed to get this off of my chest.

For as long as I have been an RPG gamer, I've mostly gravitated towards Baldurs Gate, The Elder Scrolls, Might & Magic (M&M7: For Blood and Honor), and Fallout. Without a doubt, the pen and paper play style has always been one of my favorite aspects of playing these games. Skill points, class selection, item specialization, party customization, skill mastery, etc. But since the late 2000's hit, it seems like at some point this style of RPG was stripped out in exchange for the more mainstream audience. To me, Fallout seems more like a shooter RPG elements, and TES seems less of an RPG and more like an adventure game. Perhaps I'm oldschool, but I miss the components of a lot of these games. Since the late 90s and early-mid 2000s, it seems to have really disappeared from the industry.


On the other hand, I'm sad about MMORPGS these days too. Most are usually a grind-fest, or the quest systems are structured in a mailman/UPS quest style approach. Personally, (and I doubt many people remember) I preferred the style of MMORPG that Star Wars Galaxies and Face of Mankind delivered, which was the player-run faction and player-run economy systems where players would compete for territorial country in a persistent universe. For me, that was the high point of role play, and every fiber in my body knows that Fallout or TES would be perfectly themed for games of that magnitude. Fallout Reloaded, otherwise known as the Fallout 1 and 2 online mod, is a perfect example of this. It's rough around the edges, but the interest is there, the factions are there, and the option to play venture the wastes alone or join a faction always keep you thinking and on your toes.

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I'm not that old, I'm 20. But I still know a good RPGs or MMO when I see one, and that's mostly because these games were my main pastime as a kid (Like many of us). I don't what has changed corporately or game industry-wise with this genre of games, but the old days of RPGs and MMOs like Star Wars Galaxies and FoM were absolutely the hallmark of my childhood. I'd really hate to see this series and style of RPG sink where there is so much potential, especially with the resources and technology companies have nowadays.

Either way, I'm done with my tangent and feel better now. Hopefully this gets some brains thinking, if not — I tried my best.

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