I’m loving Fallout 76.

fallout 5 - I’m loving Fallout 76.

There I said it. Now go ahead, downvote me if you wish. It’s not perfect but I’m having a great time playing it and will wait patiently for updates in the future. I don’t regret buying it whatsoever.

People who dislike the game are going out their way to talk trash about it, whilst those who do like the game are too busy having fun with friends in Appalachia than going online and going through every fallout 76 post/video just to mock and dislike/downvote.

I just thought maybe some of the poor souls at Bethesda that are working their socks off (who didn’t deliberately want to upset everyone), don’t see enough that some people genuinely are having a good time with their game, despite its flaws.


Edit: did I just get one of these silver medals? Thank you! Sorry I clearly don’t post a lot I just enjoy reading stuff on here and am not as familiar with Reddit as most other people here! But that’s very kind, thanks again ??

Also, I know the “now go ahead downvote me” is very cringey. But I thought it would grab people’s attention. It clearly worked so thanks for all comments, the positive and negative. I’m loving the discussions and am doing my best to respond to everyone whilst I’m running around Appalachia!

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