I’m making a Fallout text-based interactive game that takes place in Arizona 10 years after FNV

fallout 8 - I'm making a Fallout text-based interactive game that takes place in Arizona 10 years after FNV

Hey there, I'm a bored guy who is making an interactive text based game. It's Fallout based and is meant to explore the idea of the Navajo Wasteland 10 years after the events of Fallout: New Vegas. I want to get some opinions from some fellow Fallout aficionados, and maybe get some help writing it from some proactive members of this community. This isn't anything for profit, this is just a passion project to kill some time.

Background: The first Fallout game, and first true RPG I played was Fallout: New Vegas. I was a mere kid who grew up playing COD and simple games, so the freedom FNV offered me was mind blowing. I was hooked, and I mean hooked, to the game for weeks. Glued to my TV screen, immersing and exploring the Mojave Wasteland was the most fun I had ever had up to that point in a video game. Years later, I still look back at those first times exploring the Strip and meeting the hundreds of personalities the game called "NPC AI" are some of my most fond memories.

I always loved writing and creating games for my friends and myself to play. D&D was an obvious first choice, and I loved creating worlds and characters in the same fashion to the FNV world I idolized. This lead to me crafting a Fallout D&D campaign. I poured all my writing talent, Fallout knowledge, and anything else I could muster into this detailed and large world. Since Fallout has only mentioned Arizona until the time I created the campaign, I decided it was a perfect place to create my world. After countless hours of theorizing and researching what the Arizona wasteland would be like after the fall of Caesar's Legion, I came up with some sort of a cohesive story. Now that I have started to delve into more advanced version of game making, I wanted to test the mettle of my D&D campaign by turning it into a fully interactive text-based game.

The Concept: FNV was so great due to many factors. The story was interesting and convoluted, with interconnecting segments that added an insane amount of replayability. This replayability was only heightened by the multiple NPCs that were not only connected to the story as well, but has their own personalities, stories, and morals that allowed you to interact with them in multiple ways. FNV was a living, breathing world that could be simulated over and over and still is able to give you new scenarios and stories that are only limited by the creativity of the player. The common factor seems to be replayability, which I feel stems from the multiple options the game offers you. The most interesting quests in the game were the ones where you could complete the objectives with multiple solutions. Beyond the Beef, Ring-a-ding-ding, et tumor brute, and Still in the dark are a couple of my favorite quests that show this quest style. Now since a text-based game doesn't have to worry about graphics, gameplay mechanics, and other complicated things, we can create a fallout game that only consists of this level of freedom.


The Setting: The Courier was one of the most influential people of the post-apocalypse ever, turning himself into a legend. The achievements of the courier list long, but some of the more important ones include killing Mr. House, assassinating Caesar, saving the life of president Kimball, destroying the Mojave chapter of the BOS, securing the Hoover Dam during the second battle of Hoover Dam, and ensuring the independence of the Mojave Wasteland from the grips of NCR and the Legion. These huge moments have shaken the entire post-America wasteland, and the ground is still shimmering even 10 years after the disappearance of the Courier. With no one holding the knowledge of the courier's location, the wasteland is left to face the effects the courier had when he changed the wasteland forever. Arizona is one of the most affected places. The Navajo Wasteland was home to many tribes and raider clans before the Legion took over the area. After the assassination of Caesar, the Legion began falling apart quickly. The wasteland quickly took back it's freedom with the help of the Followers of the Apocalypse and the newly reformed Desert Rangers. Caesar's Legion still has control of Flagstaff, and rumor says a large Civil War is happening among the remnants of the Legion. The Navajo Wasteland has been given a second life due to the Courier and the Desert Rangers, but can the factions and tribes keep control of the vulnerable wasteland?

The Gameplay: I really liked the idea of having control of a character who was in a much more "humble" position when it comes to the Wasteland as compared to the Courier. By this, I mean that one single person shouldn't be the deciding factor for the fate of the entire wasteland's future. This game is much more about living life in the wasteland after the effects of the Courier's actions have started to settle. That being said, I still think the player should have plenty of options and control over other aspects. Do you want to be a militant strategist who plans on helping the Desert Rangers take over Flagstaff? Are you an enterprising private detective who finds an unfortunately large amount of contract work in the dangerous city of Monty? Maybe you want to be a dangerous gun-for-hire working out of the bust town of Two-Sun. The player should be able to create their own character, story, and moral standing. I don't want to force the player to be a character they don't want to be. Instead of forcing character development via the player character, I want to make a few companions that you can bring along that have their own goals and stories you can explore at your own leisure.

How you can help: Fuck dude, this is a lot of work. I love making the story and complex characters, but formatting all the commands and syntax is quite an ordeal. If you want to bounce some ideas off of each other, or even help me make quests/game mechanics or something, shoot me a PM. I'd love the help. If you want to play, I'll post the finished game on this subreddit when it's done and also on this post itself. I have no clue when the game will be complete, but if someone wants to make a subreddit for the game itself I can post updates there. Actually, I'm gonna go make the subreddit right now. Come check out r/FalloutArizona if you want to keep up to date with the game.

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