I’m not a settler, i’m an explorer! (new player here)

fallout 2 - I'm not a settler, i'm an explorer! (new player here)

Hi! first post on this community 🙂 As the title states i'm a new player (just got to level 12!) This is my first Fallout game i've tried. First I wanted to say how much I LOVE exploring! Coming from ESO, there's nothing truly very interesting to explore and you only did it to get sky shards for skill points or fetch quests.

It's probably just noob ecxitement here, but exploring on my own in FO76 (and not googling locations) has been alot of fun. Actually coming up on a place, always tense because i might encounter god knows what and die (big difference than what i'd been used to in ESO) and searching around, I just found some creamery place yesterday and then some vacation resort with an empty pool with creepy bugs in them. I love finding these places and being like-"Holy shit, this is a resort!" and the thing is, they actually look creepy and great and looks like alot of attention to detail went into them.

Also did my first group event yesterday, something to do with killing glow flies and putting their glowy bits on a light tower. There were 3 other high level players there that did most of the work, (i only killed 3 glow flies with my brand new heated pitchfork) but they also saved my ass from these big toad things. After there was a Mothman that came and i've always heard this thing is supposed to be bad news, but idk… had to interact with him after and not sure what happened. I think i got blessed or groped or something.

Anyway, I haven't really had any interaction with other players. I don't know if there is a zone chat I could type in, or if i need to go directly to them and toggle something? The few people i have played next to briefly were nice… One girl thankfully didn't kill me after i attacked her with an axe because i thought she was a raider. Then one 200 something level guy walked in on me when I was putting stuff in a "my stashbox" but I think now i was actually in his camp. I thought i was dead for sure, but he actually led me to a laser rifle gun in some close building and helped clear the monsters out. That was very cool! the gun is level 25 and weighs like 20 lbs so i don't know what to do with it, but still…


Guess i was worried coming into this game that the community would be hard on new players or a little toxic, but what i've found is that everyone so far seems pretty nice and the Mothman touched me i think. 2 things i didn't expect to happen when i started a week ago.

So I know endgame is a different thing and new player excitement wears off, but I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying this game and exploring and the backstories and stuff, and that realizing that the other players in this game are nice and won't gank me for my 4 bobby pins is just awesome. Plus i get to be a fat guy wearing a womans pink striped swimsuit and that makes me happy inside. (got so burnt out with the warrior hero armor/costumes in eso, being able to start this game i got a free Beezelbub mask somehow and I found my swimsuit day 1, i was ecstatic to finally be in a game i can let my personality come out!)

Wanted to thank all you guys who've played this since beta and through all the rough stuff (that's why i have never tried it till now) it seems like you guys and your feedback are the reason it is so great now, and i'm sure it will keep getting better. I'm happy to be a wastelander. – if that's the proper term (i read you can join raiders or settlers after some quests. Then there was something i saw about commies, but i don't know if i can be one of them)

ANyway – sorry for the rambling post. Just wanted to express my happiness about the community and cool world to explore. And maybe find out what the mothman did to me. Thanks!

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