I’m so confused. What is the point of Fallout 76… where is the fun?

fallout 4 - I'm so confused. What is the point of Fallout 76... where is the fun?

I just wonder what is the point of anything? What was the idea in mind when Fallout 76 was pitched? Who decided it's better to have 24 people on a deserted map instead of oh I don't know 4 player coop with npcs as living members of vault 76?

The entire game is a massive drag. PVP is nonsense, the quests are nonsense… the world is boring and empty. There is absolutely zero charm to anything. All my group does is ask "why?" none of us see the point in any of this which just asks who the hell thought this was a good idea! The constant eating and drinking… the bugs and glitches… was this even play tested? This game seemingly was developed with absolutely nothing fun or interesting in mind. The locations are dull… went to check out the moth man museum and it's basically and empty building with nothing interesting going on… why?


Why are there no raiders, but plenty of corpses? No settlers… but again plenty of corpses?

This game would be getting heaps of praise is it was 4 to 6 player coop with an actual story to be had and wacky fallout characters to meet… instead it's the joke of the year. This is the worst game I've played in years

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