I’m tired of it… (People’s thoughts about Fallout 76 Rant)

fallout 5 - I’m tired of it... (People’s thoughts about Fallout 76 Rant)

Okay guys I’ve been seeing more and more that people have the most invalid arguments to dislike this game, and it’s starting to kinda grind my gears.

  1. “ Bethesda screwed me over, why is there time slots?” “ 2 hour time slot to play, Bethesda your such a hack” Etc.

R: I understand your frustrations but let’s be honest. In my opinion, unless you’re a 8 year old who has nothing to do all day but stay at home or a 40 year old guy who still lives with his parents and doesn’t work, you have no reason to complain. Their are multiple days to play, and most of us out here are working our butts off to make a living, we’re not worried about the times Etc. We will get to it when we get to it. We love fallout but our world doesn’t revolve around it. even if your a YouTuber for a living you’ll be just fine you can wait it out and play when the time comes. It just so ridiculous when people over exaggerate the whole situation. Honestly we should feel lucky that we’re even getting a beta to play in the first place, Bethesda coulda just did what they usually do and move on until launch.

  1. “ this is not the game I wanted.” “I miss Bethesda single-player.” “ no private servers at launch wow Bethesda’s is grimey.”

R: to be frank Fallout 76 is a new experience for not just us but them as well. I believe if you know you won’t like the game then don’t buy it. It’s simple as that. That will tell Bethesda a lot about this product think about it. Low sales= Peoples opinion. And honestly your argument is valid in that sense. (Especially if you gave 76 a chance.) but I’d say at least give it a try before you decide if you haven’t already. But nothing will change if you completely bash on it for 35 YouTube videos straight. People will just call you a loser and completely dismiss you.

  1. “ The graphics are the same as fallout 4’s or even worse.” “No graphic changes In 3 years?” “This game graphics suck.”

R: If you came to play Bethesda games for graphics, you need to re-think why you play the games. Bethesda games are about open-world, story and gameplay elements. You do not need frostbite engine 7001 graphics to make that happened. The Bethesda has been pushing the creation engine to his peaks before starfield hits the scene with a new engine, that will make a nodding community start from scratch. And we all know how much these “ fans” complain about how mods won’t come till next year. The graphics are similar but enhanced from F4 and the lighting is much much better. The fact that Bethesda can make such a large game with 24 players and all the things inside of it and still keep F4 graphics which are upgraded and an way better lighting system is a testament to their work guys.

I just want to end this by saying guys I’m not saying all the negativity is invalid I’m just saying some people are using the weakest points possible to try to “destroy” the hype or the game. If you simply played the game and didn’t like it, that is very valid and I can respect that. But if you start canceling pre-orders because you realized the graphics aren’t good or because you you can only play 2 hours on one day, I think you need to re-check why you pre-order and spend money in general. Me being a fan of fallout since fallout 3 have always wanted a multiplayer fallout game, and I think this is something we always wanted. Fallout 76 is it. I think we should at least all be happy for just that. Thank you?


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