I’m tracking a secret hiding in plain sight, and I need your help (MASSIVE spoilers inside)

fallout 4 - I'm tracking a secret hiding in plain sight, and I need your help (MASSIVE spoilers inside)

TL;DR: I need someone to help me observe non-Prime fissure sites after they have been nuked.


Having grown bored of always nuking either Whitesprings or Fissure Prime, I have taken it upon myself to nuke other parts of the map. I was curious to see what would happen, and I think I may potentially have stumbled into something significant. This ties together the task set to us by the Overseer, the plan Paladin Taggerdy hinted at during her conversation with Maxson on the holotape labeled The Nuclear Option, the ultimate failure of Operation Touchdown, and Santiago's desperate attempt to stop Eckhart from unleashing the scorchbeasts on the world.

BACKSTORY (Spoilers)

For those who breezed through the game, here's a quick recap of Fallout 76's story. After the bombs fell, remnants of the US government were able to evacuate to the Whitesprings congressional bunker. There, secretary of agriculture Thomas Eckhart seized control and installed himself as leader per the pre-war chain of command succession rules, purging his political opponents and swearing the rest of the fledgling Enclave to his plan to use the automated nuclear missile silos to eradicate all communists everywhere. There was just one problem: the silos would only work for them under DEFCON 1 conditions, and the automated system correctly determined that no such emergency was in progress.

So, Eckhart set his people on creating just such an emergency.

Their first step involved releasing Liberator bots and super mutants into Appalachia, but this failed to raise DEFCON to where Eckhart needed it to be. Frustrated, Eckhart ordered the release of severely mutated, irradiated bats that had accidentally been created during the Enclave's research into mutagens. Horrified members of the Enclave led by general Ellen Santiago tried to oust Eckhart and blow up MODUS in order to make it impossible for anyone to replicate the scorchbeast research. MODUS hated that, so he killed them all, Eckhart's people, Santiago's people, everyone. All dead. But not before they did massive damage to MODUS' memory banks.

We all know what happened after that: the scorchbeasts multiplied, and the scorched plague swept across Appalachia.

The Brotherhood under command of Paladin Lizzy Taggerdy quickly realized that dealing with the scorchbeasts (or as they called them, Sierra Bravos) had to be their number one priority. Taggerdy ultimately launched a mission to strike at the heart of the Bravos, tracking their primary nest and cauterizing the source of the scorched plague once and for all. This mission was codenamed Operation Touchdown. Taggerdy paid the ultimate price, but Touchdown stemmed the spread of Bravos for several weeks. It seemed like the mission was a success. Then, more fissures appeared, Bravos began to fill the skies again, and everyone died.

This is the world the Overseer of Vault 76 (and we!) emerged into. As she uncovered what happened here, she realized that we had to finish what the Brotherhood had started: wipe out the scorchbeasts for good, save Appalachia, and save the world.

So far, so good. Again, most of us know this part. But there's a catch to this story.



Recall the sequence of events. Taggerdy tracks the scorchbeasts to the Glassed Cavern. They fight. Scorchbeasts disappear. Then, more fissures appear, and more scorchbeasts emerge. It is likely that Taggerdy fought and killed a Scorchbeast Queen, but merely killing the queen was not enough. Another queen matured, the scorchbeasts expanded their nests, and here we are today.

I repeat: Killing the queen was not enough.

Now, I want you to look at two images.
Y9KdLex - I'm tracking a secret hiding in plain sight, and I need your help (MASSIVE spoilers inside)

The first image was taken at Fissure Site Omega shortly before I activated Silo Charlie.
TXhiNdM - I'm tracking a secret hiding in plain sight, and I need your help (MASSIVE spoilers inside)
The second image was taken after I dropped a nuke down that nest. Note that the fissure is closed.
  • Before:
    Y9KdLex - I'm tracking a secret hiding in plain sight, and I need your help (MASSIVE spoilers inside)
  • After:
    TXhiNdM - I'm tracking a secret hiding in plain sight, and I need your help (MASSIVE spoilers inside)

I believe we can use nukes to close all the fissures and kill the scorchbeast nests. Taggerdy initially wanted to use nukes against the Bravos, but Elder Maxson strongly rejected that idea. However, I believe Taggerdy was right all along: closing the fissures and then killing the Scorchbeast Queen might be the actual way to end the scorchbeast threat for good.


Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe there's nothing more to discover and what we've seen is all there is. But hasn't the supposed "end" of the main quest always felt a bit… abrupt? Didn't you ever get the feeling that maybe there was something we were missing? Well, this could very well be it.

Now, before we go crazy, there's two immediate data points I need help with:

  1. Does every fissure close when nuked? I have confirmed this for fissure sites Lambda and Omega, but it would help to confirm that all fissures do indeed close when nuked and that there aren't any outliers.
  2. Do the fissures stay closed? I wasn't able to hang around until the nuke zone dissipated to check whether either Lambda or Omega remained closed after I nuked them, but
    lxE74Cl - I'm tracking a secret hiding in plain sight, and I need your help (MASSIVE spoilers inside)
    this image from when Bethesda had disabled nukes gives me hope.

Once those two are confirmed, we can go crazy. I propose a new mission called Operation Tourniquet: a coordinated, multi-stage attempt to cleanse Appalachia.


  • Organize three Silo Strike Teams: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie
  • Assign NON-PRIME fissure targets to each team to ensure no nukes are wasted on same fissure
  • Use nukes to seal off fissure targets
  • Once all targets have been sealed, commence final phase and nuke Fissure Site Prime
  • Kill the Scorchbeast Queen

Sure, this will take at least half a day, there will be disconnects, the Queen might glitch on us, and there is absolutely no guarantee that there actually is anything at the end of all this that we have't already discovered. And yet… and yet, there's the possibility of adventure.

So, who wants to help save Appalachia?

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