Important info for PC users before tomorrow’s BETA!

fallout 2 - Important info for PC users before tomorrow's BETA!

I have seen a large number of posts and comments reporting issues very similar to what I ran into yesterday. I was able to find a fix, and I wanted to post the details here to hopefully help others (and for the devs to see)!

First, my specs:

CPURyzen 7 2700X @ 3.7
GPU1060 6GB
RAM32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400
DriveSamsung 860 Pro SSD

I was running the game at 1440p on a GSync monitor (Acer Predator 27"), and the game defaulted to Ultra mode.

The issue:

Initially I was seeing FPS that floated between 40 – 88, depending on where I was and what I was looking at (draw distance seemed to heavily impact this, as it would drop to 40 any time I looked at the horizon while walking). After running into a random bug and restarting the game, the entire game was locked at ~11 FPS. Even the loading menus. Adjusting quality settings did nothing. This is what made me start looking at what was going on.


This is applicable to ANYONE experiencing lower than expected performance, not just those experiencing the locked, horribly low FPS.


  1. The game defaults to borderless windowed mode. The game has significantly worse performance in this mode than in Fullscreen mode. Changing from windowed to Fullscreen, along with the second solution, solved all of my performance issues. First thing to try: Change your game mode to Fullscreen (or, if it defaulted to Fullscreen for you, try switching to windowed – at least one person reported this opposite solution for the same issue).
  2. THE GAME MAY BE DEFAULTING TO INTEGRATED GRAPHICS, EVEN IF YOUR PC DOES NOT HAVE ANY. What? Yes, that's correct. That's why I was getting 11 FPS across the board after restarting the game, even in low settings. It was running entirely off my CPU. Utilize your GPU's software control panel to ensure the game is actually running on your card. (For NVidia users, open your control panel, confirm you're set to the proper FPS in the screen resolution settings, then go to Manage 3D Settings, Program settings, and add the game to the list if it does not show up – you can also adjust game performance settings from here after the game has been added).

That's it. After doing those things, I had a stable 144 FPS at 1440p on Ultra settings with my rig. Hopefully these back-end issues will be resolved so people don't have to go through this in order to get the game running properly. And I hope this helps some of you have better performance with the BETA tomorrow!

If you experienced something similar, or have any additional advice on improving performance on PC, please post it here as well!


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