Imposter Sheepsquatch tips and tricks, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the pylons (possible event spoilers but not story)

fallout 2 - Imposter Sheepsquatch tips and tricks, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the pylons (possible event spoilers but not story)

Whenever I've offered advice before I've usually been downvoted but I left a comment on another post yesterday that was received quite well so I thought I'd expand on it here for anyone who might find it helpful.

Firstly, you don't have to be super high level with a ridiculously powerful explosive weapon to be helpful in this event, arguably you can be more helpful without one.

The biggest thing to note about this fight is what you're told in the game, the Imposter is not vulnerable unless the pylons have been activated, but I see so many people either ignoring or not listening to this.

Note: I think I've noticed recently that only two pylons need to be active, I don't know if this has been a couple of glitched events though, so if anyone can confirm either way?

That being said, here are my tips to being the ultimate "support" class in this event.

  1. I personally stash my stimpaks if I'm going for this strategy, keeping them on you is going to allow you to stay alive a little longer but you're going to use a lot of them.
  2. When the Imposter arrives, vulnerable or not, shoot/punch/kick it once, you're tagging it to get the loot when it dies, but if it is not vulnerable you're not going to damage it so don't try to.
  3. Activate the pylons
  4. Activate the pylons
  5. Seriously, activate the pylons, this is the only way the Imposter is going to become vulnerable, this is what you're told as the event starts but I see people ignoring them more than I see them being activated.
  6. Once you've activated a pylon, you become a conduit and you're going to start taking energy damage, so any energy resistance perks/armour/aid is going to be helpful.
  7. If nobody has activated the other pylons, go activate them, this strategy arguably works better if you have all 3, you're going to "go down" as you take more energy damage but that's okay.
  8. If the Imposter sees you, it's gonna come for you and one shot you, you'll actually die this way, so run/jump/hop away, get yourself to those sweet pylons.
  9. Here is where my strategy comes in, when you're a conduit for a pylon and you "go down", DO NOT GIVE IN, that pylon stays active until you give in or die, this gives 60 seconds where you're gonna be ignored, if you have all 3 pylons, that's 60 seconds where the Imposter is vulnerable.
  10. There is a perk card that doubles the time you get while "down" but I cannot remember the name of it, I'll try to find it and add a note. If you can get hold of a Scouts' Life 4 magazine, this will double the time you get while "down".
  11. Got a teammate in the event? Even better. While you're down, communicate the time you have left with them and get them to revive you just before your time runs out, run away, go down again, and repeat. This is especially effective if you have all 3 pylons as the Imposter is going to stay vulnerable while ever you don't fully die.
  12. Let the super high levels with the ridiculously high damage explosive weapons take the Imposter out.
  13. Tip the white fedora you're innevitably going to get and walk off in to the Ash Heap, you've done gods work.
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The strategy above has been really effective for me, I run around activating pylons, and leave the killing of the Imposter to everyone else, as long as I've hit it, I'm going to get the loot, I'm also not ploughing through my aid and ammo as much since I started doing this.

Edit: If/when you die, just keep repeating the process, you're not likely going to manage this without dying.

Edit 2: It seems the perk card I mentioned above doesn't exist, it was a magazine I was using to get that bonus, Scouts' Life 4, it gives you 100% Longer Bleedout Time.

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