Improvement to FO4 Combat and Gameplay

fallout 5 - Improvement to FO4 Combat and Gameplay

I'm replaying FO4 again now, and I have a bunch of thoughts on how the combat and fighting in the game works and could be improved. It's one of the aspects of the game that I really enjoy; though it could be improved a bit here and there.

So here's a bunch of suggestions for that. I'm not keeping 76 in mind 'cause I have no idea how it is different from FO4; I'm just thinking about how this game can be made better in the gameplay department. Feel free to argue and disagree with me, or come up with your own ideas I didn't think off.

Weapons and Mods

  • Automatic Mods need a damage buff: As the game works now, the Automatic mods for non-automatic weapons tend to reduce the damage of that gun to compensate for a higher rate of fire. However, Fallout games being scavenger games, this means that Automatic weapons begin to loose out in shot-per-shot damage in comparison to semi-automatic weapons – and when your Ammo is scarce, being efficient with your Ammo is better than being quick. So, in effect, Auto-weapons become sort of a "win none, loose a bunch" option.
    • To compensate, Automatic Mods should only have slightly or no reduced damage, and instead have dramatic hits to effective range, recoil or something similar. This would make Auto-weapons faster and more deadly, but riskier and more difficult to control
    • Alternative option: The Automatic Weapons Perk could give an additional buff that causes you to randomly not spend Ammo; higher chance the more points you stocked into it.
  • Sidegrades VS Upgrades: This is a personal preference mostly – I'd like it if mods and upgrades just generally wasn't as "straight upgrade" as they are. The joy of a varied upgrade-and-crafting system comes from the many options you have, which get undermined if certain options are just straight better. An example; the 10mm Pistol has several different Chambers (Better Crits, Auto, Armor-Piercing and so on): but also always a "Better Damage" option, which, as mentioned above, is just often better when you're running on scavenged items you can run out of. It's worse yet, since the 10mm has the "Advanced" option as the strongest option available on all accounts. So much for options?
    • The solution could be to make sure all Mods have both buffs and nerfs to them. Some of the mods are fine, but the Better Damage Mods could easily have some sort of "Slower Rate of Fire" or "Higher Recoil" debuff that compensates for the higher damage. Another Sidegrade could be "Excellent Recoil, slightly lower damage and range" – Steady, mid-range option. All of this also carries over to Stocks (Who are often straight upgrades in everything but Weight), Barrels, Mouths and Melee/Armor upgrades as well. Options macht frei!
    • Relevant: Why is it that Pistol options makes weapons deal less damage and be less accurate? I can't see why that it.
  • Sidegrades for Weapons: As it stands, most weapons aren't equal – Double-barreled Shotgun is Tier 1 to the Combat Shotgun's Tier 2, for example. This is, again, a blow to player options. What if I wanna use a Double-barreled at Lvl 35? It just falls behind too quickly.
    • I'm fine with certain weapons only appearing at certain levels, but I'd like to all weapons to stay relevant (to take the Double-barreled, it could be the Mass Effect Claymore to the Combat Shotgun's Katana – Huge, one-tap damage, but slow to reload. Add Long Barrels and it becomes a Hunting Shotgun, etc).
    • The Heavy Guns Conundrum: A relevant topic to sidegrades; in FO4, Heavy Guns are treated as a sidegrade to other types of weapons, an option in equal rights to Combat Rifles, Melee Weapons and so on. However, the scarcity of Heavy Ammo, their great Weight, and their generally low damage compared to the former two problems makes them unsuitable to that.
      • Option 1: Make Heavy Guns Infinity +1 weapons; they trump all other weapons and do way greater damage, but are not considered a sidegrade; more of an expensive upgrade that you usually don't rely on.
      • Option 2: Make Heavy Guns do more damage, and let the Heavy Guns Perk support this playstyle by reducing Heavy Guns Weight, increase the chance of finding Heavy Ammo or let you craft your Heavy Ammo. This keeps them at sidegrade level, but makes them less unwieldy and more of an actual choice.
  • DUALWIELDING: It surprised me a bit that FO4 didn't have this in the first place – allow one-handed Melee Weapons and Pistols to be freely dualwielded. You cannot aim and block, but you have two weapons. Pistol shouldn't reload automatically though; it requires you to reload both like with a normal weapons so you won't just fire two different pistols interchangably. This could give us a "swashbuckling" playstyle with a pistol and a melee weapon, or a "gunslinger" style with two pistols, giving more of a reason to use them.
  • Less VATS-based Legendaries: If Legendaries are still in the game in the next one, I'd like them to be slightly less based on VATS, because I rarely use it – Something that can be used even outside VATS but also inside would be nice. Seeing that Kelloggs Revolver is only useful for VATS made me a bit sad.
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  • "Weaponry" Perks should support their Weapons better: The "Rifleman" Perks do this well; each option increased Armor Piercing for these weapons, which is just what they need. However, others, like the Heavy Guns option, doesn't.
    • Perks should support their Weapons indirectly. Heavy Guns could reduce Weight of Heavy Guns, Pistol Perk could improve recoil while firing Pistols quickly and so on. This often feels better than simply buffs.
    • On that note… I don't hate the 20% Damage Buffs, but I don't like them either. It just feels… Off to me to have to pick Perks to compete in a Singleplayer game. I'd rather have way less damage-and-health increase as I level up than having to gain a gamey +20% buff. It was my least favourite part of Skyrim, and though it's better here because it also has a buff attached to it, it could be done away with for my sake.
  • Unlock all Perks: Unless you make the weirdest of builds, many Perks at the bottom of the Perk Chart will be unavailable to you. This feels a bit annoying to me; it's always partly been in the game from FO3 and FNV, but the requirements for the lower Perks are just so difficult to get to that they seem impossible to get to.
    • A solution could be to unlock a certain amount of Perks – e.g if you have Strength 5, you can put points in, at most, five different Perks. How many you put in those five doesn't matter; you can just only pick five at most. So all ten will be available at the beginning, until you've put a point in five different Strength Perks. This would allow for more options for the player to design a character to their liking.
      • Mind, some Perks could still be locked behind a certain SPECIAL level; there should be some bonus to having a high SPECIAL level!
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  • More Enemy Modes: This seems like a given, but I'd like other options, rather than "Friendly" and "Hostile". It is sort of there already; some enemies may flee if you look at them at a higher level – however, your Companions don't know that!
    • I'd add Modes like "Scared" (Still Hostile but won't move towards you directly and keep at a distance; will sound like they're fu*king terrified of your Power Armor-wearing, Minigun-toting ass) and "Fleeing" (Can still be shot, but some Companions will dislike it. They run from you as far as they can and will despawn when they get far enough away).

Apart from all this there's loads of things that could be made better, like more interesting Perks and Weapons, but that's the gist of it. Small changes most of them, but some that I think can really do a difference to take the gameplay of the modern Fallouts from "good" to "great"!

What do you think?

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