In Defense of the Brotherhood’s Attitude

fallout 6 - In Defense of the Brotherhood's Attitude

Ever since the Brotherhood of Steel's return to Appalachia, many players have expressed surprise and frustration at the BOS's attitude toward us. What was expected to be grateful for us completing Taggerdy's mission in stopping the Scorched Plague was more of a lukewarm welcome. Although I do find myself wishing the BOS was more thankful for our sacrifices for humanity, there are logical reasons why the BOS treat us the way they do.

Point 1: The Brotherhood expected the 76ers to be scared settlers in blue jumpsuits not Destroyers of Worlds.

The Brotherhood's perception of wastelanders is forged by their journey. Throughout their travels, they have met raiders, scavengers, and settlers alike. They have seen people abusing each other, stealing prewar technology, and people just trying to survive. So by the time they reached Appalachia they saw raiders, settlers, and 76ers running around. Although it's unknown if they made contact with any vaults along the way, it would be reasonable to believe that the BOS saw us as soft civilians in blue jumpsuits. In that way, their attitude is understandable to a degree because the probability of civilians stopping the Scorched Horde is extremely unrealistic without Brotherhood level resources. Since the Nuke Silos are available to 76ers only, there is a good chance they aren't even aware of our status of Enclave Generals.

Point 2: Their arrogance is based on a lack of formal competition.


Consider that up until this point the Brotherhoods have not faced any significant threats to themselves in the Wasteland outside of the occasional raider force. Their anger toward each other and their arrogance could easily be a result of a long journey. If you traveled from California to West Virginia basically untouchable with few exceptions, you would develop a bit of an ego too especially with the mission of the Brotherhood. Along with that, without an equal threat to force cooperation within their ranks, the Brotherhood is bound to fracture. As we have seen in past games, the BOS is most effective when facing off a single threat. When left alone they are prone to infighting as we have seen in the Moajvie Chapter. If an equal threat (*cough* ENCLAVE *cough*) came up, their ego would disappear quickly because their attitude would be the death of them.

In the End…

Arrogance is nothing new in the BOS, but when you consider their situation and the warped landscape they find themselves in you can forgive some of their transgressions. Although they may practically live in power armor there are humans who dwell inside. Humans who were forged by a 3-month journey that exposed them to the state of Post-War America. By landing in Appalachia, they expected more of the same but found the opposite.

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