In the past week I have become a self-proclaimed Workshop Raider, here are the rules I set for myself.

fallout 5 - In the past week I have become a self-proclaimed Workshop Raider, here are the rules I set for myself.

Some of you may remember a post I made about how I contested the ammo factory and ended up giving the guy I was going against a pretty good weapon out of guilt that this man was nowhere in my league despite him being a relatively high level.

Well since then I have found out I quite enjoy contesting workshops, but I do not enjoy being an absolute cock shiner (this may be arguable to some of you).

Part of my reasoning for this is that I sided with the raiders, but it never quite felt like I was a raider or that the game gave me an opportunity to be one. Contesting workshops has become quite immersing for my raider play through that I opted for.

I do however, still keep in mind that I am playing with people and that there is a line between role-playing and just being a dick. So here are some rules I gave myself when I went into this:

  • I will never go for low level players. I am level 224 currently, and fair game, in my opinion, is anyone above 90. I don’t want to fuck over someone who is just nowhere near as powerful as I am.

  • I try my best not pick up dropped loot, but there is a line where I think I’d be foolish not to. If someone has more than 1000 pounds worth in junk (happens a lot more than you’d think), I cannot in my good raider conscience let an opportunity like that go. Some of you may find that second bit infuriating, but understand that I am role playing as a raider, and we are opportunists.

  • I do not drag the fight out. I’m here just to claim the workshop and once it is claimed, I have no beef with you anymore. That is unless the person decides to challenge me again. However for the most part, I just leave to try and find other workshops to raid. I won’t follow the player around, or engage in PVP beyond that unless they still have an itch to scratch.

  • I do not engage with AFK players either. I will always check if the person is just doing nothing and if that is the case I will wait until they are active once more. And this builds on the last rule.

  • I will make myself known to the current owner that I am about to raid their workshop. I don’t wave at them, or emote, but I will run into their line of sight before I make a beeline for the red crafting table. I don’t just hold down the build button in cover and butt fuck them. This way I think it gives them a little time to process what is about to happen and give them a chance to wreck my shit when I am contesting on the work bench.

Beyond this I think workshops are fair game. You are willingly putting yourself as a target. I do not think it is neccesarry to ask them over mic or whatever, I’m trying to be a raider and raiders are not a nice bunch.

I’m sorry if this pissed some people off, but I hope my terms of engagement are respectful enough while still maintaining the spirit of being a raider!

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