Information for newer players about Scorchbeast Queen (and what your doing wrong)

fallout 2 - Information for newer players about Scorchbeast Queen (and what your doing wrong)

As many of you may have noticed, a typical Scorchbeast queen kill will either go one of two ways.

10-15 minutes of 10 people unloading on her in the air, with maybe 2 landings during the entire fight

Half or more of the players at the event wont shoot her in the air. The nuke usually covers the bunker on this one, but it doesnt have to. We nuke the bunker for a reason, but isnt really nessicary for fast clears. These types of kills (typically) take less than 2 or 3 minutes.

Here are a few of the things you may (or see other people) be doing wrong, and they not only drag the fight out longer but make you waste more ammo shooting an airborne moving target.

Tank Killer and One Man Army are big no nos. These perks increase the chance to stagger your opponent with rifles and heavy guns. When she reaches her stagger threshold while airborne (that little twitch/momentary loss of altitude that happens when shes being shot in the air) it seems to screw with her ability to land, almost as if it's on a sort of timer. I have no concrete evidence to show you, but I promise you that it works and many people can corroborate this. Stop wasting ammo shooting her in the air. By all means, take your potshots to get her attention but unloading 20 fusion cores is just silly.

DO NOT STAND on the fences or on top of camps. If her body clips with a fence, she will almost always take off again. Same is true with camps. Same with the bunker. This area is becoming more popular to nuke as it keeps everybody away from the fence and bunker (even though people still stand on forward station delta which presents the same issue).

Cryo grenades/floater freezer/cryolater is your best friend for controlling this fight. Freezing her on the ground should be your #1 priority as soon as she lands. The cryolater can even be modified to fire canister rounds, so you dont even have to get close to land chilling hits. You don't even have to have a good one, any cryolater will do. It's not about the damage, it's about the effect. 2-3 people with one cryo clip each can put her into the deep freeze, and this can easily extend her time on the ground by as much as 30 seconds. If you use chat and have teammates, you can assign a control person to refresh the freeze as it wears off, further extending the time landed, and vulnerable. Also when she is chilled, tanking her is laughably easy. Unarmed bloody people can tank it effectively very easily. Cryo cells may be the rarest ammo to drop/spawn, but they are very cheap to craft. Super duper and ammosmith are your friends!


When she croutches to take off, stay aiming at where she just left. The amount of adds she can spawn can be a little overwhelming, and it's a total crapshoot on what she will spawn, and I see a lot of people get killed by a deathclaw or yao guai or gulper because they were too busy trying to get another clip off before she flew too far away again. Also be aware that she can (and usually does) spawn a final wave of adds on her death. I see a lot of people die and lose flux rewards because they rush to loot the queen.

Before any modifiers to damage are calculated, know that the queen automatically takes 70% less damage than anything else. This is why you hit stuff for 2-300 but hit her for 30s and 40s. I know your gat laser is hitting for 2s and 3s my man, why waste all that ammo shooting at an airborne moving target. (Before I get schooled on what real queen damage is, save it. I tank her with unarmed bloodied, hits for high 8,900s and crits low thousands).

You have to do 1000 damage to get a drop. YES that includes the 70% damage reduction. I'm sorry she died in a minute and a half and you didnt get a drop. That's just the nature of the event when endgame people are coordinated and have a strategy.

YouTube user AngryTurtle has some videos about broken weapons (search magic weapons fo76). While being sorta difficult to understand due to a very heavy accent and not a native English speaker, his information is usually very solid. Obtaining one of these with the correct rolls may happen for you sooner than finishing a endgame pve build, and can drastically improve your dps.

That's all I got for now. Feel free to correct me on any of this information you know to be false, but I've presented it to the best of my knowledge from 700 hours of 76.

arnosvale - Information for newer players about Scorchbeast Queen (and what your doing wrong)

u/arnosvale reports that Fragmentation Grenades also seem to have an effect on her being on the ground. I will be testing this tomorrow as well.

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