fallout 8 - Inside The Vault - March 28th - LYING LOWE QUESTLINE PREVIEW AND PATCH 8 HIGHLIGHTS



Put on your detective cap, because we’re investigating a mysterious new questline coming to Fallout 76 with Patch 8, which includes our next Wild Appalachia update in April. We’re also previewing a few highlights from Patch 8, including the ability to rename your items, as well as vendor and turret adjustments.


Our next Wild Appalachia update in April will have you hunting for clues to as you find your way through Lying Lowe, an all-new questline that’s shrouded in mystery, deception, and rumors of a ferocious cryptid roaming the Wasteland.

The confirmed details we have are sparse, but the truth begins in Lewisburg with posters left behind by a woman named Shelly van Lowe. She was in search of her brother, Calvin, disappeared just before the Great War. Based on the posters she hung up, it would seem she believes the legendary “Sheepsquatch”—the fabled wooly terror of West Virginia—could be responsible.

Accept this assignment and kick off your career as a Wasteland super-sleuth by finding and reading one of these posters in Lewisburg or at train stations around Appalachia. To unravel this mystery, you’ll need to chase every lead you can scrape together, solve puzzles, and separate monsters from myths as you explore who or what may still be lurking around Appalachia waiting for its next victim. . .

As an alternative to finding posters in the world, we’re planning to add the “Sheepsquatch Ate My Brother” poster to the Atomic Shop for a limited time once the Lying Lowe questline goes live. You’ll be able to unlock it for free, post it in your C.A.M.P., and even give it a read to begin the new quests.

PATCH 8 HIGHLIGHTS As is tradition with Inside the Vault, we’d like to preview a few key changes that are coming to Fallout 76 with our next update. We’ll post full patch notes once we release Patch 8 next month. For now, we hope you’ll enjoy reading about a few of the highlights.


CUSTOMIZE YOUR GEAR WITH ITEM RENAMING We’ve read feedback from many players in the Fallout 76 community who would like to add a more personal touch to their gear and, with Patch 8, we’re adding the ability to rename your items. You can do this by choosing the “Inspect” option when viewing an item in your Pip-Boy, and then selecting the new “Rename” option. The name you enter will be displayed in place of the item’s default name in your inventory. You can rename items as many times as you like, but your custom names will not transfer with the item when viewed by, or transferred to, another player.

VENDOR FACTION UPDATES It’s no secret that vendors are some of the busiest bots in Appalachia, and we’re planning to make a pair of adjustments that should make it even more convenient to make those crucial trades with various vendor factions. With our next update, we’re adding a vendor from every faction except the Enclave to the shops at the Whitespring Resort. This will help reduce the need to fast travel all around the Wasteland to visit vendors from multiple factions. Additionally, we’re combining the Cap totals from all seven vendor factions into total pool of 1,400 Caps, which should offer you more flexibility in the trades you make with specific factions.

TURRET DAMAGE ADJUSTMENTS With Patch 8, the turrets that you can build in your C.A.M.P. or at Workshops are going to receive a few changes that will help them feel more dangerous. Turrets will now be affected by player PvP damage rules, which feature increased base damage and damage scaling. This means they will not be able to kill players in one shot, but this will also prevent them from dealing trivial damage. Additionally, turret attack ranges will now match those of players’ weapons. These changes should help your defenses pose a bigger and more consistent threat against any attackers who come knocking.

We hope you have a blast solving the mysteries behind the Lying Lowe questline once it goes live with our next Wild Appalachia update. In next week’s Inside the Vault, we’re planning to share even more details about some of the changes you can expect from Patch 8 when it arrives. Until then, we will see you in the Wasteland!

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