In last week’s Inside the Vault, we shared a brief overview of the upcoming new dungeon, The Burrows, as well as the functional camera. This week, we’re sharing a closer look at each of these new features to help you prepare for their arrival over the coming weeks.

We’re currently planning to open The Burrows to subterranean explorers on Tuesday, April 16. While we originally planned to release the camera that same day, we need a little more time to ensure it’s ready for you to start filling your photo books with memories. As a result, we’ve moved the camera into a patch later this month.


The Burrows is a new dungeon experience being added to Appalachia on April 16, in which you will explore the tunnel system beneath Harpers Ferry and face challenging foes as you complete the new Waste Management quest.

Before the Great War, the citizens of Harpers Ferry constructed an extensive storm drain system beneath the city. These tunnels were no place to make a home by most townsfolks’ standards, and were frequented by mischievous teens, vagrants, and individuals looking to avoid the watchful eye of the law. After the bombs fell, The Burrows took on a new identity. They became a safe haven beneath the earth as wanderers and displaced residents alike sought shelter from the punishing Wasteland and eventually formed a welcoming community. More recently, the Brotherhood of Steel detected strange electronic signatures emanating from the drain system. They sent some of their forces into The Burrows to investigate the source, but none returned…

To begin Waste Management, you’ll need to access The Burrows using one of two manhole covers in Harpers Ferry. One is near the Armory and the other near Highway 65. Find a dead Brotherhood of Steel scribe within, whose corpse holds information that will send you deeper into the sewers. The Burrows is balanced to be a challenge for 2+ level 50+ Vault Dwellers, but truly brave (and well geared) souls may be able to tackle it alone. If you manage to emerge victorious, you’ll receive plenty of loot and experience for your troubles. The quest can only be completed once, but after it’s finished you can repeat the dungeon as many times as you’d like for even more loot and XP.

Collect your gear, call your squad together, and delve into The Burrows to find out what happened to its inhabitants and uncover what’s behind those mysterious electronic signatures the Brotherhood of Steel found underground.



The new functional camera is coming later this month, and it will allow you to take photos like never before—but you’ll need to find one first! Scour Appalachia to locate a tourist who still clutches their camera close despite meeting their untimely end shortly after the Great War. When you find this wayward sightseer, you’ll be able to help to complete their “Bucket List” of scenic photos by using their camera to pick up where they left off. In addition to this quest, we’re also going to add a new set of challenges that will have you grabbing scenic snapshots wherever your travels may lead.

Once you’ve got a camera, you can equip and favorite it just like one of your weapons, which makes it a breeze to quickly bring up your viewfinder and line up the perfect shot. When you take aim, the camera will also display the names of nearby locations and creatures it recognizes as you peer through the lens.

Head to a Tinker’s Workbench to build a camera of your own and craft film, which you’ll need plenty of if you ever decide to hang up your weapons and take up photography full-time. You can also use the Tinker’s bench to apply mods, like lenses. Initially, the camera is going to launch with a lens that offers better magnification so you can zoom in further on your subjects. We’re currently discussing additional lenses we’d like to bring to the game in future updates, and we’re planning to add paints to the Atomic Shop so you can give your camera a fresh new look.

While the camera doesn’t have as many customization options as Photomode, such as filters, frames or poses, it makes it easier than ever to capture the world around you on film. It’s also perfectly suited for snapping action shots, or simply grabbing a closer look at distant targets. Additionally, any pictures you take with the camera will be saved to your Photomode gallery. We released Patch 8 earlier this week, which included the Lying Lowe questline. We hope you’ve been enjoying the investigation so far, we as well as all of the other improvements and fixes added with the patch. If you haven’t had a chance to read the patch notes just yet, you can click here to check them out.

Next week, we’re looking to bring you even more information about upcoming Wild Appalachia content and Fallout 76 news. Until next time, we’ll see you in the Wasteland!

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