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fallout 6 - Institute spy theory

Warning this theory contains spoilers for both Nick Valentine and the Far harbor DLC.

In fallout 4 Nick Valentine and DiMA are two "escaped" institute gen 2 synths which where prototypes made to test personalities before DiMA freed them both before they parted ways. Nick Valentine is perhaps my favorite character or at least companion in Fallout 4 with an interesting story line which extends itself the the far harbor DLC. I am going to propose and argument for why both Nick and DiMA's escapes were deliberate plans of the institute. I would like to say however that I don't believe either synth knew this and still would most likely remain ignorant to this fact if true.

Firstly I will begin with the synth detective Nick Valentine. Nick was a gen 2 synth whose experiments (as told by DIMA) within the institute involved him being frequently given new personalities finally ending with that of prewar Boston city detective Nick Valentine. During the time no gen 3 synths existed to our knowledge and the broken mask incident (year 2229) was still fresh in the minds of the people of Diamond city according to Nick himself when he arrived meaning that the institute had already perhaps tried to infiltrate the city but failed due to the synth going crazy (I say this because i do find it unlikely that the institute would reveal themselves by influentially shooting up diamond city. Consider also that Nick Valentine had managed to set himself up within the city so as to easily be able to observe and investigate diamond city and it's residence as a manor of his day to day life as by supposed coincidence he escape whilst being Nick Valentine. It is also known that Gen 3 Sythns do have subconscious programming along with personalities installed within them by the institute. A final although weaker argument is how willing Nick Valentine is at helping the sole survivor at reaching the institute possible for two reasons a) Father wanted to watch the sole survivor more closely and possible help them meet and b) Nick Valentine was no longer needed in the city due to them having Gen 3 synths available. All these are possible reasons and explanations as to why or how Nick Valentines escape may have been intentional and he could be under the control of the institute to a moderate degree.


Secondly I shall discuss DiMA, DiMA unlike Nick was allowed to form their own personalty as time progressed and was apparently responsible for their escape from the institute. DiMA to the players knowledge had managed only a few things in their 150 or so years of freedom, these acts were both accomplished on the Island in the far harbor DLC. Firstly DiMA had managed to successfully assume control over a Nuclear submarine and gain control of it's launch capabilities an asset possibly useful to the institute to be in possession of. However it is know that DiMA had abandoned the sub and given it to the Children of Atom but maintains control of the submarines launch capabilities and shares it with the Children even instructing the Sole Survivor to make sure the missile remains unused. Despite him abandoning the facility it is possible that the institute had with the creation of Gen 3 synths no longer had a use for it and some how updated his programing, as his next achievement was very interesting and possibly useful to the institute. DiMA had with the creation of Gen 3 synths created Arcadia as 'refugee' for synths who wish to be free and keep the knowledge of what or who they are, this has many uses for the Institute such as allowing them to control the liberated synths that they were unable to find as DiMA offers them a place isolated from the world and kept out of sight from even the brotherhood of steel for decades. This also means that should the institute ever require it they could easily destroy any and all synths located in Arcadia and most likely and witnesses to their existence.

Both of the accomplishments made by DiMA and Nick Valentine could potentially benefit the institute to a small degree and do make much more sense then them managing to escape without being destroyed or hunted down by the institute who would even destroy gen 3 synths for doing the same thing. I am not saying Nick or DiMA are evil or on the side of the institute as in the game Nick's conscious actions are in defiance of the institute and can lead to its destruction. This is just a theory and something I consider myself as a fact of the game when I play. please let me know what you think, any thing else that supports or contradicts this is also appreciated.

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