Interactive map with points of interest

fallout 3 - Interactive map with points of interest

Hello everyone, we just released a map for fallout 76: https://fallout76.ginfo.gg.

It uses the highest resolution image of the map we found and marks some locations which can be toggled via the legend. Furthermore, you can create/join groups and post markers to a group.

This is our first release and we hope we get better map material in the future as well as expand the points of interests on the map.

If you want to help adding locations and points of interests to the map:

  • Join the locations-group via the following link: https://fallout76.ginfo.gg?group-token=-LQ1B6hfisf-KP81ysHX
  • If you encounter a location that you think should be noted on the map, add a marker at this location
  • The name of the marker should represent what you want to mark. If the same object has already be marked on the map, please use the same name.
  • We will periodically scan news entries and add them to the map and legend.

If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know.


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