Introducing Loot 2.0, a much needed overhaul.

fallout 8 - Introducing Loot 2.0, a much needed overhaul.

We all know and love Fallout’s RNG (we don’t), but what if we can make it better?
What if we can have RNG but bend it to our liking? Other games manage it and they do it fairly well.

Enemy legendary Loot:

Enemy legendary loot just does not make sense as it is, what can Bethesda do to it?
Well, make it so every enemy drops a purveyor roll, no matter if it is a boss enemy (like the Queen or Earle) or not.
1 star, 2 star, 3 star enemy’s only drop one star items? That sucks, every enemy should have a chance of dropping a higher tier of loot, the chances for it should just be different, a 1 star enemy has a very low chance of dropping a 3 star item while a 3 star enemy has a high chance of dropping a 3 star item but a low chance of dropping a 1 star.

The current system is like this:
– 1 star:
100% 1 star

– 2 star:
50% 1 star
50% 2 star

– 3 star:
33.33% 1 star
33.33% 2 star
33.33% 3 star

My system would be like this

(The numbers are subject to change):
– 1 star:
60% 1 star
30% 2 star
10% 3 star

– 2 star:
50% 2 star
25% 1 star
25% 3 star

– 3 star:
80% 3 star
15% 2 star
5% 1 star

Everyone would be happy with this.

The Purveyor:

Our lovely female(?) Mole Miner, she can be somewhat of a b*tch sometimes, we need to break up her loot table a bit,
We currently have Melee, Ranged and Armor, that's it…

My system would be something like this:
Melee gets broken up into Unarmed, one handed and two handed.
Ranged gets broken up into short range (pistols and smg’s), long range (this includes bows and crossbows) and heavy.
Armor gets broken up into light, sturdy and heavy
Add the Mystery Pick as a permanent option, this is good for people that just want random items for their shops.
As you can see the purveyor doesn't change that much, she should still be an option for gambling, as of why, read the crafting paragraph.
Also, add more legendary modules and vault steel to her inventory while we are at it.


Crafting and Trading:

A hot topic lately, i couldn't agree more that something needs to change, i'm here to help.
Every weapon that has a plan in the game, needs an option to get crafted as non legendary and an option to get crafted as legendary, there isn't much to add here.
Crafting a weapon/armor requires you to know the plan for it.
EVERY weapon and armor should be tradable BUT plans you acquire during certain missions or with bullion require you to know the plan in favor of buying said item, this locks away items that are not yet accessible for new players, this is certainly not the best system but this is a system people actually ask for.

Introducing, the Armor- and Weaponsmith:

The Armor- and Weaponsmith is a new character that lets you reroll one star of your item or lets you add one star to your item (maximum will be 3 still).
That one star can be rerolled a (set) number of times but each time it gets more difficult, as you need more resources to do so, this also requires legendary modules.
Have a near god-roll but one star sucks? Try your luck and reroll it.
This is a system we find in a number of other MMO games out there and it certainly would fit into Fallout too.

At the Smith you will also have the chance of breaking down legendary items to get legendary modules back.
The smith should be non Human, maybe another non feral ghoul?
Give us a short questline to unlock his abilities.
This is all that i can come up with to fix the endgame of 76, if you have more ideas feel free to comment.

Please keep comments out of this like “bethesda will fuck this up”, “it will probably be bugged”, etc. I don't care, it doesn't add anything to the ongoing conversation.

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