[Investigation]New Shear Terror map locations and analysis

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Hi everyone!

I spent some lonoooog hours today working on the new Shear Terror map (Thanks to
JuiceHead - [Investigation]New Shear Terror map locations and analysis

u/JuiceHead for pointing it was different than the one from the roadmap).

I will pre-emptively say I'm a real noobie on GIMP (the image maniuplation program I used to make the image you see) and I have potentially made mistakes. Nevertheless, I'm proud of the result and it seems pretty accurate to me. I let you
here the .xcf I used if you want to check. Thanks to
JuiceHead - [Investigation]New Shear Terror map locations and analysisu/JuiceHead
and game-maps.com for the base maps.

Let's move to the interesting part:
here's the image.

First of all, I haven't marked the locations pinned under the various documents because it seems to be very random and meaningless (except for one, you'll see below).

Then, I grouped the linked pins by color, and here's a summary and some comments :





–> Side quest related


–> Nothing there I guess as the quest isn't about the Mothman. IMO it's just because Calvin knew about it (as confirmed by terminal entries).



–> Maybe the new locations to search for the real sheepsquatch.

–> Note that the cabin between Big Fred's BBQ Shack and Site Alpha is a location from the "Unsolved: Tracking Terror" quest.

–> I found this between Grafton Station and the Eastern Region Penitentiary.

–> The dot east Of Harpers Ferry is likely to point "The Burrows" entrance (coming April 16).

–> A sheepsquatch drawing is pinned at the supposed Vault 51 location, hence it could be unintentional.


–> The dot Between Gauley Mine and Arktos Pharma is very likely to mean Arktos Pharma because of the trailer.

–> The Lucky Hole Mine is a Cthulhu-themed mine with a strange bloodied human/tree creature named the "Interloper" at its bottom.

–> Uncanny Caverns has a random encounter spawning a glowing wendigo.

–> I found nothing middleroad between Hopewell Cavern and Ammo Dump, maybe it's related to the Sons of Dane Compound nearby and the Nightstalker ?

Furthermore we know by datamining that another event named “Free Range” should involve a sheepsquatch and that we were supposed/are going to get two more "Unsolved" quests : "A friend in need" and "A perfect Getaway".

Based on what I found, I'm conviced we're gonna have the real Sheepsquatch coming in the game soon! I'm a bit disappointed though as the mistery around Tanagra Town/Lucky Old Mine/Crashed Space Station/Vault 51 doesn't seem to be the subject of this DLC after all.

Thanks for reading, and now you know, I would be glad to hear you theories guys!

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