Is Anyone Else Just Kinda Scraping By Out There?

fallout 4 - Is Anyone Else Just Kinda Scraping By Out There?

I'm starting to get the feeling that I'm doing this whole surviving thing wrong! I read every day about the best Legendary farming methods when the only legendary I've had drop is something like Shit Kicker's Wooden Right Leg: -10% Action Point Cost When Kicking Shit. Equipping this item grants incurable dysentery. Reading about plans changing hands for thousands of caps when I think the most I have ever had is 460 after I realised I had hundreds of pounds of fertilizer in my Stash (which might have been a side effect of all the shit kicking, I dunno…)


I'm always running out of ammo, food and water and pretty much just living hand to mouth day by day! True it's been slightly worse recently after I had to place my camp again when someone put theirs in the same place; I somehow lost all my purifiers, generators, lights and f***ing CORN in the move (I was so sure I packed those!) and I don't have nearly enough copper to replace them.

Just releasing a little steam from the valves, I guess – I could probably try the farming of shiny stuff if I dedicated some time to it but if anyone else is just wandering Appalachia like some badly armoured hobo, I salute you. Well, I would salute you, but I'm carrying a shit load of desk fans and light bulbs, so.. y'know.

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