Is Bethesda ACTUALLY hurting from Fallout 76?

fallout 5 - Is Bethesda ACTUALLY hurting from Fallout 76?

I really doubt it. I mean sure. The sales are probably way lower than they expected. But I don't think they really expected positive feedback after releasing this title. They knew it'd be bad PR. But does that matter? It's not like they're doing any damage control (aside from the letter released prior to the launch of the game).

I personally think FO76 will be great for them from a financial stand point. It's goal is to sell microtransactions and be an open revenue stream the way ESO did for TES franchise. When ESO stops selling microtransactions well and dies down, they just have to release TES VI and then add a new expansion in ESO (to Yokuda or something).


76 was made to sell microtransaction.. And I think it's going to do a good job at that. Hell, a lot of people here admit they'd buy skins if they were just a bit cheaper. I'm sure there are people who spent the 600$ on every fu*kin item in the item shop (it would take almost 3 years to earn everything in the current item shop using the daily and weekly challenges btw). I'm sure a shit ton of people spent 200$ to get the collectors edition.

They keep cutting the price to bring in new players and make more microtransactions sales and it's probably working knowing the average consumer. All you have to do is ask for your mom's credit card, after all.

As long as this game sells microtransactions, it's a success.. And as long as it's a success, there's no reason to have another Fallout game! Which is a success for the company!

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