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Is it just me or does this game seem like it’s been even more buggy than usual these past few days?

fallout 5 - Is it just me or does this game seem like it’s been even more buggy than usual these past few days?

I mean it might just be more highlighted because I have friends picking up the game because of gamepass, and I want them to like it but man the game has been literally unplayable for me. Some of these bugs I’m listing I know have been here but they just seem worse lately.

Playing in a team where we actually stick together is completely out of the question. Enemies either spawn, but don’t move or it’s just too laggy to actually see what’s going on. Actions I try to take seem to take seconds to register. I’m also getting a lot of a kind of “flickering” with some of my actions. Like opening a door for example. I’ll click for it it to open, it opens, but then shuts immediately as I try to leave the terminal, but then clicking open in the terminal again the thing flickers open and then closes again.

I’ve had SCORE not be rewarded. A friend claimed all their challenges auto completed and got none of the rewards. He’s really not frustrated about this because he already gave up on the game by that point.

Perks are straight up not working. In my experience today serendipity stopped working. Been playing for about three hours and been shot dozens of times, but not once has it triggered. Escape artist doesn’t seem to work and neither does stealth. Despite having rank three sneak, 4 shadowed pieces with sneak effects, a chameleon effect, and a Fixer, I’m always in danger and they always know exactly where I’m at. Btw why does an unarmed scorched do leagues more damage than a scorched with an axe or a gun?

It seems like every enemy I hit has its health rubber band at least a little bit. Sucks for my instigating weapons.

I have to absolutely smash my right D-Pad in hopes that my stim will actually activate before I die. It never does until after I die.

Damage taken doesn’t seem to register on my side as fast as it does server side so in the servers eyes I’m already dead but on my side I just used a stim and I’m good and killed the thing attacking me but then I just drop dead.


Enemies killed are unlootable. I’ve had two three star ghouls just today that this happened to.

VATS is utterly broken. None of my hits land, and it always backs me out after one or two shots despite only using a 1/10th of my AP.

Queen doesn’t land but strafes the whole time. Seriously Bethesda, why do you always put off fixing the queen? She’s been broken since Wastelanders launched. Do we have to wait 6 months again for a fix?

Fast travel bug. I’ve just started recording how long it takes to actually get this game to let me fast travel. My record is 2 1/2 minutes of trying to get this game to actually let me fast travel.

Some of the events have been kinda jank, but not too bad. Just seen enemies not spawn, or at line in the sand they all just spawn on the beacon. It’s A Trap simply doesn’t work. I’ve done this event several times with people but no matter what we do it says we fail.

Buildings is extremely finicky, but again this might just be because friends are getting into it, but man is it frustrating to have an open space, your piece you want to put down in green, but then it says something like object is floating or intersecting. We also had to completely tear down a buddy’s camp because he put stairs down just to see how they would look and it gave him the classic “You can’t scrap this because part of your structure will be inaccessible”.

My ass despite all this frustration is going to keep playing, cause come on, Mumbles has a sweet sale. But am I just going crazy here? It feels like I’m trying to show my friends my favorite YouTube video but no ones laughing.

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    Nickolas Johnson
    Jul 28, 2020 5:57 am

    I do find it troubling that some things, like the event “It’s a trap” have been broken the entire time and still don’t work.
    I’m still getting crashes at least once a day and I’ve had a quest I couldn’t complete because it’s broke for about a month.
    The game is far better than it was at release so I’m happy for that. It’s just disheartening to see it still have many things broken while they push forward with new content.

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